Republican sheriff candidate Darrell Stubbs has worked patrol in just about every area of Gila County and at every school district during his 25 years in law enforcement.

From the Gila County Sheriff’s Office, to the Miami Police Department and the Tonto-Apache Tribe, Stubbs, 59, says he has the experience in law enforcement and the “backbone” to serve Gila County residents.

“I have worked in every patrol region of Gila County and the following school districts: Tonto-Basin, Pine-Strawberry, Young and Miami,” he said. “My experience within the various law enforcement specialty assignments; narcotics task force, lake patrol-dive team, and school resource officer. I was also the resident deputy in Tonto Basin. These have allowed me to be part of many different types of operations, investigations and community events.”

Stubbs says he is running for sheriff because the GCSO desperately needs competent leadership at all levels.

“This will attribute to the first line employee being trained to become a first line supervisor. The first line supervisor would be trained to become a supervisor at the command level,” he said. “This approach will make sure your county taxes provide the citizens with better service.”

His top three issues:

Employee mindset

“I will cultivate an employee mindset of conducting better investigations and decision making based on policy and law. This will safeguard law and order and illuminate lawsuits against the office and county. Competent supervision and implementing a daily review of individual policies. Inappropriate action or gross negligence of duty will be severely dealt with and will not be dependent on the availability of an eligible employee pool.”

Increase the number of patrol deputies

“I will decrease the excess administrative positions and transfer that to the deputy line of the budget. I will also be reviewing all grant allocations and fees paid to the sheriff’s office from contractual agreements with other agencies and court process fees to enhance first line employee pay rates and/or benefits.”

Create alliances with federal, state and municipal agencies as well as private entities

“This would avoid a quarrel over a closed road vs. rescuing injured citizens. Create a citizen review panel for severe discipline matters, policy development that would impact the citizens and an assessment of employee performance with the public.”

Asked why he is the best candidate, Stubbs says he believes in defending the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment.

“I have the fortitude and backbone to firmly voice these positions at all levels of the government and public domain,” he said.

Stubbs says he will have an open door policy, but it will not be restricted to 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or his office.

“I will meet with the citizens day or night in any public setting to hear their concerns or positive feedback,” he said. “The sheriff’s office is a community service, therefore I will encourage all employees to be involved within their community. It will be mandatory for supervisory personnel to attend various community agencies, events and clubs.”

Stubbs graduated from Miami High School. He owns three businesses, which he says has provided him an education in finance, employee relations and time management.

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