Delicious Cafe & Catering group photo

From left to right, Adam Tassell, Cole Cluff, Gennica Rodriguez and Bailey Tassell in a photo taken to highlight the Delicious Cafe & Catering’s charity of the month for March, the Humane Society of Central Arizona. The business donates its tips to a different charity each month.

After opening earlier this year, Delicious Cafe & Catering launched its catering service on April 1 at 512 S. Beeline Highway, Suite 1 in the Twin Pines Shopping Center.

“Business for the cafe has been fantastic,” said co-owner/chef Adara Jones. “We’re (catering) the shooting event at the (event center) this Saturday and a PCS event next month with more events already lined up between.”

The restaurant opened on Jan. 27 with a plan to add catering, which launched this month.

The catering menu features sandwiches like the Cole Cut, Mama’s Favorite, Delicious Club, Dare’s Tuna Melt, Z’s Jalapeno Melt and the Rodeo Melt, salads like Dannie’s Apple-Cranberry, The Greek One, It’s Not Pasta, Perfect for a BBQ, BLT in a Bowl and Chopped Sesame, soups like potato and sausage chili, and desserts like the Mogollon Monster, chocolate mousse, double chocolate banana muffins and cheesecake bites, which are all gluten-free.

Catering prices start at $40 and increase based on the number of people and desired options. A Tea Party is $5 per person. Drink options include artisan lemonade, classic sweet or unsweet iced tea and hot cocoa or coffee, including decaf.

Co-owner and chef Adara Jones opened Delicious Cafe with her mother, Dannielle Davidson, who financed the business. It’s a family business with Jones’ sister Kaitlyn Tassell, brothers Adam Tassell and Z Davidson, and their sister-in-law, Bailey Tassell, working there.

The head chef is Gennica Rodriguez.

They raise money through tips for a different charity each month.

“I pay all my staff at least $13 an hour, over minimum wage, and we all agreed we’d like to donate our tips to different charities,” Jones said. “For February, we raised $2,200 for the Warming Center and $1,263 in March for the Humane Society (of Central Arizona). We’ve raised $644 in April so far for Arizona Wild Rescue. We switched charities early though, to raise funds for Georgia Burnside’s family. We were close family friends. We’ll continue to raise money for her family through the end of May with the blessing of Arizona Wild Rescue. Delphia Strickland is so kind.”

Burnside and Tish and Aden Morris were killed in a multi-vehicle accident on SR 87 just north of Payson on Friday, April 16.

The cafe is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Call 928-468-3013 or visit for more information or for a free catering consultation for your big event.

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