With a quick flick of the wrist, a red disc went flying, a tiny pup hot on its heels, leaping to catch it right before it hit the ground.

He turned and headed back to his owner.

Well, he headed in her general direction before continuing on his merry way. His owner had to chase after him to retrieve the disc to make another throw.

OK, more practice needed.

And so it went as 25 Rim Country residents and their furry friends showed up to take part in Dog Day in the Park at Rumsey Park on Saturday morning, Oct. 19.

Phoenix Area Disc Dogs (PHADD) presented the event. Members showed how the toss and fetch game works and then gave residents a chance to try it with their pups.

It didn’t go smoothly for everyone. All had a minute to throw discs to their dog with judges awarding points based on distance.

PHADD later presented a clinic covering throwing techniques, selecting the right disc, dog engagement skills and advanced freestyle tricks.

Payson resident Jonnie Geen contacted PHADD to come to Payson, hoping to generate interest in starting a Payson toss and fetch league.

“I’ve always played dog sports and there aren’t any in Payson right now and I miss them really bad,” Geen said. “So I was hoping to get seven or eight local people who might want to make a little toss and fetch league and play with our dogs, athletes.”

The response she received encouraged Geen, who plans to start a toss and fetch league.

“I’ve put together a location to meet,” she said. “I’m going to see about starting it in a couple of weeks on a Saturday. I think we’re going to be able to make it.”

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