Friends of Rim Country awards GCC Scholarships

Friends of Rim Country awarded scholarships to Gila Community College recently at Chaparral Pines.

Thirteen students received scholarships to attend Gila Community College (GCC) this fall.

The Friends of Rim Country GCC hosted a luncheon recently at Chaparral Pines where they awarded the scholarships.

The recipients

Adriana Barnes

Adriana is involved in Special Olympics, Dueker Ranch and volunteers at the humane society. Adriana is interested in acting and wants to take a theater class at the college level.

Rita Benjamin

Rita moved to the U.S. several years ago from the Philippines and English is her second language. She is currently studying art at GCC. A GCC art instructor said that Rita is “the most gifted art student in his drawing class.”

Bobbie Benkert

Bobbie wants to become a certified nursing assistant and a registered nurse. Several years ago she was adopted out of foster care, and her biological mother lives in Rim Country Health Care Center. She has observed the nurses there and she sees herself in their position in the future.

Xing Brouwer

Xing wants to complete her general education classes at GCC. She plans to transfer to a four-year college to finish a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Kayla Brown

Kayla is a returning nursing student. Her goal is to obtain her bachelor’s degree and attend anesthetist school. Kayla cared for her grandmother who was her best friend. This is one of the reasons she has chosen nursing.

Joshua DeMaris

Josh’s goal is to complete the GCC nursing program and become an RN.

Zachary Magill

Zach is a dental hygienist and is currently working part-time for Dr. Charles Beier. He is enrolled in classes to complete the registered nursing program.

Matthew McCarty

Matthew is currently a GCC student with a focus on technology. He was born with a rare defect that caused him to undergo several surgeries, including 13 brain surgeries to save his life. Not being able to participate in sports forced him to find other outlets such as acting, computers and art. He would love to study computer animation and business.

Deidre Montiho

Deidre is a full-time student at GCC focusing on the medical field. She is pursuing a career in medical assisting and intends to obtain a bachelor’s degree in medical administration. She holds many jobs in the community, including being a sub for a postal route, working as a medical assistant on Saturdays and cleaning houses for the elderly.

Kristi Murphy

Kristi’s goal is to become a registered nurse. She took 19 credits this past semester so that she could start her nursing courses this fall.

Austin Oberg

Austin is currently in his second semester of prerequisites with intentions of attending the nursing program. He would like to work in acute care seeking employment with a flight nursing position or working in the ER. Austin started his medical career in the U.S. Army as a medic in 2010. He was deployed for a year in Afghanistan and treated 300-plus trauma patients.

Tierney Phillips

Tierney is currently studying psychology at GCC and wishes to become a writer or work in a drug rehabilitation center. She is hoping to do both.

Nicholas Rizzo

Nicholas’ goal is to achieve his associate in nursing with an eventual career goal of becoming a flight nurse. He is finishing his prerequisites and will enter the program in the fall of 2020. He says, “Growing up in a split household with a single, disabled father with a long list of medical issues has given me insight into how I would make a difference in the medical field.”

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