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JRE staff honored Monday night by the school board.

The Payson Unified School District board honored a number of teachers for going above and beyond to provide a safe place for students to work.

While most students worked remotely from home since school started this fall, the governor required schools to provide a safe place for students to conduct online learning who needed a place to go.

This posed a challenge for Julia Randall Elementary staff, but one they were ready to take on, said Kimberly Yates, JRE principal.

Those honored for their work during onsite student support services included Jennifer Ashby, Mildred Bell, Linda Kaminsky, Anne Killbourne, Tiffany Lajzer, Amber Long, John Rutledge, Tiffany Skehan, Marcy Waters and Paula White.

“Knowing that students had to be kept safely occupied until their parents picked them up, a plan was devised to rotate students through four stations during the day,” Yates wrote. “These professionals took each activity a step further, designing fun learning activities, creating learning challenges, playing fun games and even research and presenting learning videos that not only kept students occupied, but also kept them learning.”

Ashby, Kilbourne and White helped students access online learning. White, originally assigned to work one four-hour shift, volunteered to stay all day to provide consistency from morning to afternoon.

Lajzer and Skehan mentored students with behavioral needs and Long worked to find new, fun learning ideas. Bell, JRE’s health tech, worked each morning at Rim Country Middle School to ensure a quality program on that campus.

“Finally, our deepest appreciation to Linda Kaminsky and John Rutledge, transportation employees, who were willing to do anything we asked, including jump rope with students.”

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