Football Celebration

The school board agreed to pay football game helpers more given the long hours.

The Payson School Board this week doubled the pay for people who work the gates and concession stands at football games, reasoning that the big crowds and long hours are unfair to the football helpers.

Normally, the district pays a flat $20 for people who help out at the games. That’s fine for basketball and baseball and wrestling and such — but people who work the four-hour football games put in much longer hours for the same money. Football remains the biggest draw on the schedule.

“The games last much longer, the crowds are bigger and the job is more demanding,” said board president Barbara Underwood.

So the board agreed to boost pay for the helpers, as well as increasing pay for people who referee basketball, baseball and softball games all by themselves.

The decision will add about $750 to the budget for the high school and middle school sports — but all that money comes from gate fees charged at the games.

The football program brings in the most money, with hundreds of people sometimes attending the games and paying the gate fee.

The board also approved the salary schedule for stipends that go to teachers who take on extra responsibilities, which can often take hours of extra time every week.

Once again, most of the money goes to an array of coaches, with much smaller amounts going to the teachers who make possible music, drama, student government, the yearbook and other extracurricular programs.

The head coach for football gets $3,555, with other football coaches at the high school and middle school in line for a potential stipend of $750 to $2,262 each.

Coaches get an extra $100-$150 per week if they get into the playoffs for an extended season.

Baseball, softball, wrestling, track, cheer, cross country, soccer, and golf all get only a little less for the head coach position — but don’t always have as many assistant coaches.

By contrast, the band director and the drama director get a stipend of about $2,500. The yearbook sponsor gets $2,000, the student council adviser $1,500, and the middle school arts director $1,000. Academic department chairs get just $500.

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Phil Mason

Gives me a warm feeling to know that the district has the money to increase activities outside the classroom while reducing classroom funding and voting to bludgeon the citizens for a Override of tax limitations. That warm feeling is probably the opposite of love and adoration. Prioritize you expenditures into the reason the school district exists, not for social activities. If you need more money for staffing at athletic events raise the gate pricing so those who want that experience fund their interests that fall outside the educational outcomes goal.

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