They appear out of thin air every night like vampires.

And, like Dracula, they’re gone again before daylight.

Two new visitors have joined the eerie party of witches, goblins and ghouls in Karen and Brad Malucci’s front yard at 210 S. Houston Creek Circle in Star Valley.

A 12-foot ghost towers over one side of the yard, while an evil clown highlights the entrance to a fun house on the other side.

These two new additions fit right into this home’s unusual landscaping featuring skeleton hands reaching out of the gravel, lingering ghosts and police crime scene tape wrapped around the fence rail.

The Maluccis keep adding to the Halloween display that neighbors and passersby marvel at every year. It’s best to view the entire display in the daylight to catch all the little details. However, it’s after dark when the two new show-stoppers appear.

“The two blowups we have this year are new and everybody is always complimenting those,” Karen said. “The big clown one plays music. It’s really cool.”

She picked both up at a Halloween store in the Valley. They both light up. They inflate them every night and let the air out by morning.

The couple decorate their front yard with displays for “every holiday,” Karen said.

The couple provides assisted living services for the elderly with seven residents in their five-bedroom home at the corner of Moonlight Drive and Houston Creek Circle.

“Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday and our residents really enjoy it, so we go over and beyond,” Karen said with a laugh.

“We’ve been married 20 years and it’s always been his favorite holiday,” Karen said. “He watches scary movies. Me, not so much. I get scared.”

Karen’s favorite holiday is Christmas and they go all out with outdoor displays then, too.

The displays have grown every year since they moved into the house from Mesa 11 years ago.

“It changes every year,” Karen said. “We’re always adding more.”

They have two children, ages 18 and 13, who also enjoy the displays.

And neighbors seem to appreciate what they do.

“Oh yeah, we have people that go by and honk their horns,” Karen said. “Everybody loves it, loves it.”

As you might expect, they welcome trick-or-treaters.

“We get quite a few,” Karen said.

And why wouldn’t they with the atmosphere they’ve created?

Oh yeah, the treats don’t hurt, either.

“We give out the full-size candy bars and we just have a good time,” she said.

Especially Brad.

“My husband dresses up. It changes every year. Last year he was some kind of scary clown. This year, I think he’s going to be an old lady,” Karen said with a chuckle.

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