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Although we remain within an ongoing state of emergency declared and affirmed at the local, county, state and national level — that doesn’t stop first responders from preparing for other disasters.

Police and fire chiefs from across Gila County will be in Globe Wednesday, March 31 along with Gila County Emergency Management staff for the annual conference of the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). Emergency planners who aren’t already on the invitation list, and should be, are invited to sign-up at eventbrite.com/e/144553620771, or call Jason Gillette, 480-721-3855, or email jason.gillette@guildhealthconsulting.com.

“Our conference has two main objectives. The first is to convene and update all of our members, and secondly to explore a few topics that are specific to emergency planning as we’ve experienced it during this past year of the pandemic — and demonstrate the importance of building and maintaining partnerships well before an emergency arises,” said Justin Quarles, emergency management specialist of Gila County Office of Emergency Management.

“Another topic will be the successes and challenges of responding when communication or support is not effective,” he added.

This month’s session will be held in-person; notable because meetings over the past year were either postponed or conducted virtually due to pandemic precautions and limitations. Fire Chief David Staub, also LEPC chair, was among the first wave of Gila County’s first responders to be vaccinated with Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The Gila County LEPC Conference is a collaboration between the Gila County LEPC Chair Fire Chief David Staub, Gila County and Guild Consulting. The aim is to provide Gila County LEPC members, first responders, health care and industry partners an opportunity to learn about how essential relationships and partnerships are when responding to an emergency.

The key focus will be on how to build effective and expansive relationships with key partners. This has proven critical in the success of Gila County’s ability to test, provide essential workers PPE, and timely information to the community and partners.

The conference will also provide a Tabletop Exercise (TTX) to learn how important relationships are when responding to a hazardous material emergency, during a pandemic.

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