October is a busy month for Gila County Treasurer Debora Savage and her staff. They are issuing more than 40,000 tax bills this fall in order to collect $68 million in tax dollars over the next year to fund public safety, keep county roads in good shape and provide a range of essential social services.

Who pays the most? Copper mines, large commercial entities and large utilities, according to Joseph Williams of the Gila County Assessor’s Office.

He provided a few helpful comparison statistics that put residential tax bills in perspective: one of the lowest in Gila County is a small structure in Miami that was built in 1900 — the owner pays about $37 for a year. On the opposite side of the scale, consider a multimillion-dollar custom home on a golf course in Payson where the owner will pay more than $20,000 in property taxes for 2019. What’s the average 2019 tax bill? About $1,700 per year.

Gila County Treasurer Debora Savage adds this timely reminder about deadlines, “One half of taxes on property becomes due, and payable, as of Tuesday, Oct. 1 — and becomes delinquent exactly one month later, at 5 p.m., Nov. 1, which falls on a Friday this year. After that deadline, interest begins to accrue at the rate of one-and-one-third (1-1/3) percent per month, increasing the first day of each month. The remaining half of your taxes, if any remain unpaid, will be due and payable on March 2, 2020.”

Payments can be made at the office of the Gila County Treasurer, 1400 E. Ash St., Globe, or mailed to Gila County Treasurer, P.O. Box 1093, Globe, AZ, 85502.

If you have questions regarding the name, address or legal descriptions on your tax statements — or questions relative to appraisal techniques — direct these to the Gila County Assessor’s office, or call 928-425-3231, extension 8714.

Research your property and others online at gilacountyaz.gov; on the left side navigation bar click “Tax Information” then enter information by name or parcel number.

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