The better your spinal alignment, the better you feel and the better for your overall health. This testimonial by Veronica Wolf shares how chiropractic care from Dr. Robert Gear helped her overcome years of discomfort and more from scoliosis.

In January 2010, at age 55, my quality of life began to change. I developed scoliosis as a young girl. This caused my life to be anything but what most people would call normal.

I share with you some of the changes with which I have been blessed since my wonderful friend Chris attended Dr. Robert Gear’s presentation regarding the reality of a spine that has become scoliotic and what that means to the person who has the condition.

My quality of life has changed. The pain is less, my digestive system works so much better.

My sinuses were acting up for six months, to the point that I was afraid they would never work correctly again. But after the first three treatments of my spine by Dr. Gear they did open up and have been ever since.

My organs were being scrunched down or smashed by the curvature of my rib cage. The curvature was so bad that my ribs on the right side were pushing my shoulder blade so far backward that a very noticeable hump was present reminding me and other people of the hunchback of Notre Dame and were rubbing on the top of my pelvis.

I was so short of breath! I did not even realize how short of breath I was until around eight months after I started treatment. Then I realized I could breathe without strain and was breathing better than I had for years. I knew my lungs had more room to expand because of the change in my scoliosis.

I was so happy to know that my prison of a body had opened up some to give me more life.

My quality of life has changed. The pain is less, my digestive system works so much better, my sinuses were acting up for six months to the point where Afrin would not even work. After just three adjustments my sinuses were opened and have been open ever since.

My organs were being scrunched down or smashed so I was somewhat short of breath. I did not even realize until around eight months after; which means my lungs are elongated again.

My ribs on the right side were rubbing on my hips, and now are not. I had a rib deformity that is so much better, hump in my back on the right side is less noticeable, which gives me more confidence in my appearance which has bothered me for years.

I feel like a new person with a new lease on life. I was a glass half full person and had a lot of pain in my life of 57 years; emotionally as well as physically.

Even though I feared the pain I would or might receive from chiropractic adjustments, I also very much wanted to look and feel better and went to Dr. Gear wanting corrective care not passive care.

Dr. Gear has such knowledge as well as such perceptiveness that he can tell by looking at your carriage and just touch a person and tell how you feel.

I’m a 57-year-old woman who for 30 years has looked or gone to surgeons and chiropractors looking for help with my scoliosis. I first found out in the ’70s that I had scoliosis at a 30-degree angle on my top right side. One chiropractor said there is nothing he could do but maybe keep it from getting worse with adjustments.

A surgeon said I could have a steel rod put in my spine from my neck to my bottom; which could have negative effects like infection, places not healing, or even more pain.

Dr. Gear does manipulative surgery, which breaks away scar tissue and then heals and doesn’t reattach itself.

If you keep up with the treatment or adjustments as needed they are not as painful or require the long recovery of surgery.

My memory is better. My overall appearance of my physical self is better and I can hike, bike and dance all without pain.

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