RCH liaison team

The Community Liaison Team at Rim Country Health includes, from left, new Admission/Marketing Coordinator Kelly, RCH Administrator Tabitha, and Marketing Director Chelle. Together they provide liaison services to the community for admissions and educational marketing.

The first half of this year has flown by. First things first… the Rim Country Health (RCH) family sends a special thanks to the first responders. We, too, know and care about the community and our own employees who were affected by the fire(s). RCH appreciates all that they do to assist us. And, we recognize what it takes to make people feel safe, again.

RCH is thankful that firefighters (from near and far), EMTs and police move into high gear and work hard to manage and contain the local area forest fires to protect our regional community. Our hats are off to each of them for their courage, skills and actions that take a very, very frightful experience – for residents, families and friends, pets (small and large), businesses, wildlife and more – and, contain what Mother Nature, or possible carelessness started, to regain a sense of normalcy.

Caregivers are made from the same mold. Whether you are a personal caregiver, have home health services or are thinking about when you/your loved one may need skilled nursing, Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation is here when you need us.

The RCH team and residents are happy to share that they have regained a sense of normalcy, too. My continued thanks and appreciation to each of my team members for their commitment!


Residents continue to have in-person visits, their creativity shines through in Activities and they enjoy meals in the dining room. Still keeping the safety protocols in place for residents, and visitors, we see more smiles than ever!

RCH completed a remodel in the Memory Care unit in 2020. This renovation included updating structural components and aesthetics. Residents now thrive in an atmosphere that is even more supportive to their memory needs. From the new color scheme, to the furniture layout, adding individual spaces, comfy new seating areas, (the right) music and mocktails.

Cognitive decline requires special attention while our residents live with dementia. The adjustments went smoothly as residents enjoy their privacy, autonomy and, most of all, their identity.

In March 2021 we announced that the RCH Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy would be reopening. And, it did! After getting the go-ahead, April showers made way for a great spring and scheduling past and new rehab therapy outpatients.

Outpatient, and short-term stays with rehab therapy give Payson/Rim Country residents the opportunity to stay close to home. RCHs Rehab Therapy Department had a foundation that began with the traditional Physical and Occupational therapies, but rapidly added needed therapies over the years to include Speech, Myofascial Release, Balance, Cardiac III and Lymphedema. Today, RCH has a very diversified team of therapists in Rim Country. Learn more about how the patient’s goals come first.

Also open on the campus is the Senior Fitness gym. If you missed that Coach Linda retired last year, but Coach Kay, (formerly an RN), stepped in full-time so the doors could reopen in 2021. This is not only a Cardiac Phase III fitness gym, but also a 55+ gym that’s open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Its atmosphere fits a senior seeking a comfortable space with fellow seniors, access to monitoring, close to home and coffee time with treats. Understand how a patient in cardiac phases I and II, at Banner, can transition to cardiac phase III at RCH Senior Fitness.

The two largest community health care events Women’s Wellness Forum and Community Health & Care Fair were rescheduled due to the virus last year. As a proud sponsor for both events, we are happy to say that we look forward to setting up our table at MHA Foundation’s Women’s Wellness Forum on Aug. 14, 2021!

Get ready for something a little different this year. Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation typically brings its Myofascial Release therapists, but this year we would like you to meet some new folks in the therapy department. That’s right!

Due to an increase in awareness and many calls, RCH will have its Lymphedema Therapist and a representative from Juzo compression garments there to measure women who have a need and questions about the correct compression garments for them. If you have ever had recent or lingering swelling from an accident/surgery/had lymph nodes removed/leg or vein issues (or other), be sure to stop at our table.

Juzo, a compression garment manufacturer, and RCH have embarked on partnership that will provide the proper measuring matched with the correct garment. Juzo is headquartered in Ohio (Made In America) and our rep visits Arizona each month. No longer do you have to guess about what you need. Get measured, place your order, and pick them up at Rim Country Health.

See you at the Women’s Wellness Forum. Be sure to enter-to-win the drawing for gifts from RCH!

Many new and wonderful things are happening at Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation for the residents of Rim Country. It’s all about Health. Care. Living!

We’re here when you need us.

— Tabitha

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