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Let’s face it… change is inevitable. Unexpected circumstances can turn our lives upside down. You know Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation is here when you need us. But, let’s talk about how when can cope during this new virus with no vaccine, yet; no cure; no telling when, where or who might be a carrier… Geez oh man!

On a positive note, we believe your health… that’s your physical and mental health, can have a positive effect on how you get through this unexpected virus season.

Young children function better when they have a schedule, so why don’t we take the same approach. Whether you’re self-quarantined at home or still going to work daily, create a simple schedule and stick to it.

My uncle is 93 and no matter the day, if he’s feeling witty, talkative, comedic or a little under the weather, he’s up at 7:40 a.m. and makes his favorite breakfast. Showers and shaves and very dapper in his button-down shirt and trousers. At his desk, on his iPad and back into the kitchen for “Breakfast #2.” Writing letters and cards to dear friends and family, catching up on the latest news, watching a sports event, doing his exercise routine, taking a walk, eating three square meals… well you get it.

Plan your day. Celebrate a new day!

And, then there’s the notion that we should fuel our bodies with healthy foods. Makes sense. And when we actually eat well we do feel better. Keep on schedule with your eating, too. And, while you’re at it, add some healthy foods and snacks – fruits and veggies — to your day. It’s better than sugary snacks.

Hydrate! How many times do we hear that; and, tell family and friends when they visit Arizona? As I get older, my water intake is on the increase. Not so much that I’m over hydrating, but enough to notice a difference. My nutritionist says to take your weight and divide by two. This will give you the minimum amount, in ounces, you should drink each day.

Give it a try. You will notice a difference, too.

In Payson and the Rim Country, the most readily available exercise is free and it’s called walking. Our local parks, five minutes away. Our national forest(s), about 30 minutes away. Trails and lakes and more! A little of nature’s vitamin D and you’re taking care of your physical and mental health. Make time, at least 15 minutes, everyday.

At the end of the day maybe you make time to reflect on all the good things you encountered or contributed to…

Then you’re thankful that you made Payson and the Rim Country your home. I tell people, “I’ve never slept better” since relocating to Payson. And, make sure to aim for the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Together we can, and will, survive the unexpected changes we face. Nurture your mind, body and soul during this unusual time we face. Review the ways to protect yourself during the COVID-19 virus. Know that you make a difference when you’re proactive in any situation.

In the meantime, ahhh — take a walk!

Contact the reporter at tmcquerrey@payson.com

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