Taking certain medications and household products used to prevent or treat COVID-19 can cause significant harm and no benefit, warns the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center (AzPDIC) at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy.

Absolutely no cleaning products should be ingested or injected under any circumstances. This includes agents such as bleach, ammonia and other common disinfectant products.

Calls to U.S. poison centers about cleaner and disinfectant exposures increased by 20% in the first three months of 2020. The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center has experienced the same increase when compared to calls this time last year.

“Simply put, this is a dangerous idea,” advised Steven Dudley, PharmD, DABAT, director of the AzPDIC. “We manage hundreds of these exposures a year. Swallowing or inhaling these products can lead to trouble breathing, vomiting or burns. When you talk about injecting into the body, the toxicity can become much worse.”

Although the number of deaths is alarming, most patients who become infected with COVID-19 only require symptomatic care and self-isolation to prevent infecting others and make a full recovery. The consumption of harmful chemicals with no proven benefit can make matters worse.

Using specific treatments described as “anti-COVID-19,” including certain prescription medications, is not recommended for non-hospitalized patients.

Call 800-222-1222 with questions regarding this or any other poison, drug or chemical exposure. The toll-free poison center line is open 24/7/365.

Contact the reporter at tmcquerrey@payson.com

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