Payson, AZ, this beautiful rural town, is fortunate to have a local hospital, local physicians, visiting physicians, physicians who are specialists, two skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation therapy facilities, assisted living, senior living apartments, group homes, home health, in-home care, senior centers, a health care fair, a women’s wellness forum and more. The members of the health care community know each other and all aim to work together for the greater good of the community.

As the senior population ages in the United States, and in Payson, many will make, or be a part of, an emotional, yet necessary care decision in the best interest for a loved one (or yourself) in the near future.

Truly, there’s really only one phrase to sum up how you can make these types of decisions easier, on everyone.

PLAN FOR IT. How? Learn what your options are before you need them.

We understand that there’s no place like home. But, honestly, is that really the right care option? Are you qualified to give the best care to a person? Have you had a discussion with a physician? A discussion with the person who will, eventually need the care? Family members? Have you done any research, say by making an actual visit to talk with an admissions director or take a tour?

Whether it’s a planned stay or as a result of an unexpected circumstance, a move from one’s home will be a transition period for the care recipient and for the (former) caregiver(s).

Here are some “did you know” items about Rim Country Health.

Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation (RCH) is a skilled nursing campus. Both our admissions and social services directors answer many questions from families and potential residents, and rehab patients, prior to their actual need. Questions and concerns on the topics of health insurance coverage, related costs, care levels, staff experience, the quality of the facility, in-state transportation… just to name a few items.

RCH’s medical alliances include Dr. Alan Michels, local physician, who is also RCH’s Medical Director. He and Carolyn Lohmann, nurse practitioner — along with the Zion Medical Group, including Dr. Harshad Patel and Elizabeth Aguilera and Rachel Taylor, nurse practitioners — are frequently on the campus and seeing residents and patients on a regular basis. They are our medical team. Additional local physicians also visit their patients when necessary.

Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation has Outpatient, Short-term stay and Inpatient Rehabilitation Therapy services — physical, occupational, speech, vestibular, myofascial release and cardiac rehab — on the campus. With a physician’s order, your insurance confirmation and an evaluation, your rehab therapy will be scheduled.

In addition, RCH also has the Senior Fitness gym, DaVita Dialysis and senior apartments (age 55 and older).

As a convenience to our residents, Comprehensive Mobile — Optometry, Dental and Audiology — offers these physician services by making regular visits to the RCH campus.

This is a full-service campus.

I can, personally, talk about this firsthand because a family member needed 24/7 care. Did the research, made the visits, had the discussions, had taken the tours. Often referred to as a nursing home, a skilled nursing facility is appropriate when both health and personal care services are required. When a loved one needs assistance with activities of daily living (also referred to as ADLs), medical care (physicians/nurses), taking medication, supervision, meals, rehabilitation therapy… this is the best choice.

My cousin was discharged from a hospital in the Valley to Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation after an unexpected fall, which resulted in a fractured hip. At first, we only planned for his 30-day short-term stay for physical therapy after his discharge from the hospital.

He/we experienced a good energy, personal attention, invitations to activities, successful physical therapy sessions and homemade meals. During his physical therapy, we began asking questions about how he could qualify for permanent residency and move into RCH.

Two years later, he still frequently talks about how he felt comfortable living at RCH just after a couple weeks. The care and attention was overwhelming to him, at first, since he’d lived alone for the past 10 years. No medical appointments are missed any longer since he’s scheduled out; and, the free facility shuttle does the drop off/pick up to and from RCH. The nursing staff looks forward to his “good morning song,” he sings to them every day. He’s made many friends and even serves on the residents’ council. It was a huge change for my cousin and much gratitude from our family to the RCH team.

Be honest about the situation. Understand it’s okay to ask and receive help. But, most of all… give some thought to the health care locations that may fit your needs. Don’t close the door to the right care option.

Call Admissions to schedule your tour, 928-474-1120.

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