There’s a reason exercise is a gospel of good health — inactive, or sedentary, lifestyles just don’t keep the blood pumping. When oxygenated blood flow doesn’t reach the organs in your body there is a higher risk for blockage.

As people get older, many times, daily exercise and fitness priorities change, or are not as routine as they once were.

Aging adults find that an hour of physical exercise may be the answer, but unattainable for proper vascular health.

With the assistance of EECP Therapy (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation), the heart performs more efficiently without being stressed. Oxygen-rich blood to your heart and organs improves your vascular system.

EECP is a one-hour, mechanical treatment, that improves your motion tolerance and well-being without putting your heart or body in any risk. The best patients are committed to the treatment sessions and some regular exercise to continue aiding and maximizing the effects of the treatment. Five days a week, one hour each day, for 35 sessions. The results are improvement in the function of your extremities (legs and arms), eyes, brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

It is a non-invasive cardiovascular treatment that revives your body and spirit.

In addition to cardiac conditions, EECP treatment has also been used to reduce symptoms among those who have Parkinson’s disease and dementia/Alzheimer’s.

If you are comfortable at a resting state, but when engaging in physical activity you experience:

• Chest Pain

• Shortness of Breath

• Cough

• Dizziness

• Chronic Fatigue

See a cardiologist and get the appropriate assessments and diagnosis. Dr. Mir Ali is a local cardiologist that offers EECP Therapy in a designated treatment room in his Payson office. EECP may be the option you need to improve your health.

Note: EECP is a Medicare approved treatment.

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