Steps to heart health

You would agree that each one of us is unique, right? Our health status and health care preferences and approaches to wellness are also unique.

We are drawn to, and seek, different qualifications, personalities and referrals when selecting medical advice.

Here are some tips on finding the right cardiologist for you:

1. Referrals

Many times your primary care physician is aware of specialty physicians in your area. Sometimes a referral is required, although many times you can make an appointment without a referral depending on your insurance. Get a list of local cardiologists.

2. Health Care Insurance

Be sure that your current coverage is accepted by the office/physician you’re interested in seeing. Insurance verification can be completed quickly and then your appointment can be scheduled. Have local testing, diagnostics and procedures done quickly without the 1-2 month wait for an appointment at the local office of Heart, Artery & Vein Institute.

3. Credentials

You’ve seen all the wall plaques in physicians’ offices and credentials in their ads and on digital and social media. These display the training, skills and experience the cardiologist has along with the universities and certifications that make them qualified. State websites also provide information about physician qualifications.

4. Beyond Credentials ... EXPERIENCE

We’re talking about your heart. Specific conditions, types of testing available locally, specialty or exclusive procedures, hospital privileges and more also come into consideration. Each person’s diagnosis and treatment can be just as unique as the person themselves. And, the recommendation may also differ from one physician to another.

5. Hospital Alliances

Living in a rural community may mean treatment locally or in the Valley. Does your local physician visit, partner and work with physicians/hospitals in nearby, larger cities. You benefit from your local cardiologists’ alliances. They function as your team.

6. Respectful Communication Style

People like physicians who listen and are on their “team.” A great physician makes an effort to understand your preferences and decision-making process.

He/she engages with you through questions and answers, recommends actions on your choices while collaborating with other doctors if necessary.

7. Patient Satisfaction and Testimonials

Word of mouth says plenty. You will make important decisions for your heart health. Notice the authentic care and attention from the entire team at the cardiology office. How quickly you can get the appointment scheduled. Read about success stories and testimonials from patients to gain great insight. You, too, will want to have a great experience and success. Maybe some day you will share your experience with someone else.


Tests and procedures performed at Heart, Artery & Vein Institute are Medicare approved. Have your insurance information ready when you phone to schedule your visit. Call 928-238-1388.

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