Chiropractic doesn’t benefit from huge advertising campaigns or media coverage like that enjoyed by the drug industry. Not long ago, within a matter of a week or two, the whole world knew about Viagra. The pharmaceutical industry spends millions of dollars each month to promote its pills and potions.

It’s a good thing we have an even better way to spread the word about chiropractic: you.

If it weren’t for delighted patients telling their friends and family, chiropractic wouldn’t be around. A recommendation from you is more powerful than all the advertising in the world. What’s the best way to tell others? Here are some ideas from Dr. Robert Gear:

Be Assured: First off, realize that chiropractic has helped a lot of people with a lot of different health problems. A better working nervous system can help just about anyone. Relax knowing that we’ll treat your friends and family with the same respect we have extended to you.

Take Notice: Notice people around you who show signs of spinal stress. Do they have poor posture, massage their necks, roll their shoulders or mention frequent headaches? These are excellent opportunities to mention today’s safe and natural chiropractic care.

Tell Your Story: Mention how you’ve been helped with chiropractic care. Don’t go overboard! Just explain how chiropractic works and how we explain everything in advance to put our new patients at ease.

Answer Questions: Many people have heard myths and misconceptions about chiropractic and have a lot of questions. Simply share your experiences and do the best you can.

Ask For Help: We have some materials we’d like to share with you to help answer the questions of your friends and family. I’m happy to field questions over the phone, 928-474-7409, without cost or obligation.

Tour Payson Health & Wellness Center at 801 E. Highway 260: One of the best ways to share your chiropractic experience is to bring your friend along with you on your next visit. We’ll roll out the red carpet and answer their questions!

Help us help others. It’s a great feeling!

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