During the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes are mandated by federal regulations and standards for the protection of their residents.

Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation team members know the commitment and skills sets required for our residents’ home. Upon arrival, residents quickly realize we become the trusted caregivers, their friends and their extended family.

Our residents are your loved ones. Aside from the mandates, the RCH Team has always been committed not only to the best nursing care and rehab therapy, but also daily experiences that honor residents’ choices for activities and meals.

When you visit the website RimCountryHealth.com, you get a sense of what goes on in the life of a resident. When you visit our Facebook page, you see regular updates on what’s happening in RCH for activities, educational events, dining, cooking classes, volunteers, around town, holidays, celebrations and more. When you watch our new video, you discover why RCH is the choice for long-term care, short-terms stays and outpatient rehab therapy.

It’s the RCH Team that will continue keeping its residents and outpatients happy and healthy as if there wasn’t a pandemic to contend with at all.

In a recent survey, Chef Randy wanted to know a few more bits of information from our residents. So, Activities Director Chrystina and her team did a quick residents’ survey. Here were some of the questions and results.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. More than 1/3 said Mexican food, followed by Hamburgers at 19% and Chicken at 14%.

And, a smattering of responses included Cornbread, Pizza and Hot Dogs.

Q. Which meal of the day do you like the most: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

A. Of those that had a favorite, #1 was Breakfast, #2 was Dinner and #3 Lunch.

And, one resident responded… Cornbread.

Q. If you could choose any food for Chef Randy to prepare, what would it be?

A. First place was a tie between Beef and Mexican, followed by Fried Chicken.

The other mentions were Italian, Anything HE Makes and… Cornbread.

Updates to the daily menus are in process and Chef Randy is considering making Cornbread in his next Cooking Class.

To learn more, visit www.rimcountryhealth.com/skilled- nursing-long-term.

Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation where Health. Care. Living! happens every day.

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