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The staff at the Heart, Artery & Vein Institute includes, from left, Chantal, Ginny and Heather.

There’s a good chance you’ve watched a loved one struggle with health issues including heart disease, weight concerns, smoking, diabetes, depression and a variety of other worrisome health issues.

It’s painful to watch someone you love struggle.

Let’s team up together and become their biggest cheerleaders, influencers and supporters toward a positive attitude adjustment. A shift in their thinking with the right support can result in someone making significant and results-oriented changes that improve their health choices, too.

Heart, Artery & Vein Institute

Dr. Mir Ali and his team have met many people in Payson/Rim Country who are proactive about their health… AND, those who, let’s just say, procrastinate in making a visit to a physician’s office.

Luckily, you can have many diagnostics tests, treatments and great results all accomplished right here in Payson. That includes a consultation for heart, artery and vein issues.

As we age our bodies change. There may be a family history of a specific health issue (i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, leg swelling, varicose veins, heart issues and more).

It’s not unusual for many people to ignore issues, or to be in denial, when it comes to their health. As a spouse, friend or colleague you want to help without “mothering” or being a “know-it-all.”

How about using the approach that’s an invitation - as a motivation - to begin a daily walk, together? Encouragement over nagging. An offer to quit smoking - together. Give up sweets and sodas - together.

Can you lead by example? Are you able to motivate and support your loved one? Could you benefit from having a local physician on “your team” too?

Begin with baseline testing

Dr. Ali and his team at Heart, Artery & Vein Institute believe health checks reduce health risks.

Stay in Payson for these tests: Echocardiogram, Venous Mapping, Arterial Studies, EKG’s, Stress Testing and Carotid Ultrasound.

Heart, Artery & Vein Institute is a full spectrum Cardiac, Artery, Venous office in Rim Country.

Heart, Artery & Vein Institute is open five days a week. The team is attentive, skilled and caring. You’ll be pleased at how quickly you can get an appointment with Dr. Ali.

Tests and procedures performed at Heart, Artery & Vein Institute are Medicare approved. Dr. Ali is also an approved physician for self-initiated appointments from veterans – and referral from local physicians, including Dr. Lowe – and accepts Mission Act (formerly Choice Program/TriWest) insurance for veterans. A quick call confirms your health care insurance.

Schedule your visit by calling 928-238-1388.

Read about the success stories and testimonials from patients to gain insight into this practice. You, too, will want to have the same great experience. Maybe your experience will inspire someone to make a lifestyle change and get healthy.

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