At Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation (RCH) the health and safety of our residents is our utmost priority.

In order to assure our residents are safe, we continually train our staff and test them in different areas of Emergency Preparedness. RCH’s Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) states our facility’s understanding of how we will manage and conduct actions under emergency conditions.

RCH understands there are a variety of hazards, both natural and human caused, that may pose risks to the health and safety of our residents.

Our EPP is an “all hazards” plan and we have verified through our Hazards Vulnerability Analysis (HVA). The hazards that pose the greatest risk (a combination of probability and consequence) are given special attention in the plan, training and exercises.

RCH’s plan is a living document that will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary based on “lessons learned” during exercise or real events; the evolution of new “best practices” or changes to local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.

What is Emergency Preparedness?

• Emergency Preparedness means taking action and being ready for emergencies before they happen.

• The objective is to simplify decision making during emergencies.

• The process incorporates the means to rapidly identify, evaluate and react to a wide spectrum of emergency conditions.

What to expect during an emergency?

• Incident Command System (ICS) – The RCH Campus utilizes an ICS. Based on the situation, the Incident Commander or Emergency Services will make their best determination to either shelter in place or evacuate.

• Communication – RCH has established methods for communicating internally and externally. In the event that traditional means of communication fail or overload due to a critical event, our alternative means of communication are as follows, but not limited to: cellular phones, emergency land lines, two-way hand-held radios and CB radios.

• Emergency Contact – During an emergency, a RCH facility representative will make every attempt to contact families and/or responsible parties to be briefed on the pertinent information. Primary communication will be by phone.

In preparation for an emergency, RCH has disaster kits located throughout the facility and campus stocked with items that may be needed during this event.

RCH together with Gila County Health & Emergency Management encourage you and your family to have an emergency plan too.

Let’s keep our community safe.

Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation, 807 W. Longhorn Road, Payson, AZ 85541, 928-474-1120.

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