Recently members and guests at the Banner High Country Seniors heard a program on United Healthcare Dual Complete (Health Maintenance Organization and Special Needs Plans).

The presentation was by Tim Gebert, Integrity Financial Services SW LLC.

United Healthcare Dual Complete is a Medicare Advantage plan for those who are enrolled in both the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) and Medicare.

United Healthcare Dual Complete provides its members with dental, vision, hearing, foot care, transportation, meals, in-home medical monitoring, phone access to registered nurses and a program called Renew Active to encourage active bodies and minds.

It also provides assistance for the purchase of over the counter health care items.


Medicare does not cover hearing costs, but United Healthcare Dual Complete allows $1,750 per year for hearing health, including no co-pay for an annual hearing exam.


Up to $3,500 in services are covered, with no deductible. It provides 100 percent coverage for preventive and diagnostic services. Participants may choose to use any in-network dentist. There are other comprehensive dental services offered.


Up to $200 in services are covered with no co-pay for routine vision exams and no co-pay every two years and up to $200 for standard lenses/frames of contacts. The program has a Warby Parker partnership.


United Healthcare Dual Complete provides for 24 one-way trips to approved routine hearing, dental, vision and podiatry services with no co-pay.

Foot care

The program covers four visits per year for routine foot care with no co-pay.

Foot care is especially important for those with diabetes.

OTC Benefit

The coverage allows $150 each quarter for over the counter health care items ($600 annually).

Meal Benefit

United Healthcare Dual Complete covers 14 meals provided following a hospital stay — home delivery of fresh meals (the service provider is Mom’s Meals NourishCare — participants must confirm the service is available in their area).


This is a health and safety monitoring system offered by the coverage. It provides 24 hours a day in-home monitoring. The service is through a lightweight button that can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant, but it requires a working land or cell line.


Participants are offered 24/7 access to a registered nurse through the program and it is available to their family as well.

The NurseLine is not to be used in the event of an urgent need — call 911 in an emergency.

Renew Active

This part of the program promotes an active body and active mind for participants. It provides for standard membership to participating fitness locations; access to group fitness classes where available; online brain exercises; activities; and in-person fitness orientation.

To learn more contact Tim Gebert, MDiv, MA Sales Representative for United Healthcare Medicare Solutions at 480-659-4642 or email at

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