Mari and Jim

For Mari, EECP therapy has made it possible for her to dance again and make plans to start walking the Payson parks with her husband, Jim.

James D.

Meet James D. who is eighty-five years young. He wanted to stay close to home for his care. James credits his wife Brenda with “taking care of all the VA stuff.” James served in the Vietnam War – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

He felt as though his heart was going bad and didn’t have the same energy.

Dr. Ali recalls, “James was referred to me by his primary physician Dr. Lowe for complete cardiac evaluation. James' strength was progressively declining and he couldn't walk much without experiencing shortness of breath. His heart was noted to be weak and not contracting vigorously. Additional testing revealed some areas of his heart were not receiving their fair share of blood supply, explaining his lack of energy.”

James chose not to pursue risky invasive hospital procedures to restore circulation. The option of completely non-invasive treatment done closer to home with Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) was discussed. He accepted it without batting an eye.

EECP was the non-surgical, non-interventional plan “B” to, in this case, boost up circulation to the heart muscle. Following treatments, he like many, reported ease with activities of daily living, less shortness of breath and new found energy.

“My wife called the VA and found Dr. Ali. I really like Dr. Ali. He’s interesting and gets right to it. It’s nice to be able to count on him.”

James’ wife Brenda concurs, “Dr. Ali is really easy to talk with.”

James recalls, “after three days of EECP, I felt more energy.” He committed to all 35 sessions. James feels strongly and stated that he tells his friends, “you have to take care of you.”

When asked to share what he’d tell others in need of health care, he said, “Get off your hind end! Never give up!”

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