Marion Cobo, administrator of Payson Christian Clinic.

When Marion Cobo was asked to help set up the Payson Christian Clinic in 2007, she never thought she would still be there more than a decade later.

“I’ll help you set up and that’s it,” Cobo had told Dr. Judith Hunt.

Now 14 years later, Cobo still administers the clinic, 701 S. Ponderosa St..

What would the Payson Christian Clinic do without Cobo? Walk through the clinic and you’ll hear, “Ask Marion, Marion will know where to get that lab test done, Marion knows which specialist to call.”

She says she is not indispensable. Maybe not, but for now, the clinic staff relies on her. She is its heart.

“The clinic is God’s clinic,” she says.

Cobo is a gracious, caring, loving individual who treats the staff and volunteers like family.

When I first started volunteering as an RN at the clinic, she supported my nursing students from Gila Community College and always greeted them with a smile, as she does with the students today.

“Hi, welcome to the clinic. If you have any questions, just ask,” she said.

When calling a volunteer to cover a shift, Cobo always says, “Thank you so much for coming in. We really appreciate your help.”

Cobo worked as an ER nurse for many years in Oceanside, Calif. She also taught the first class of paramedics there before coming to Arizona with her husband, Mike, and daughter, Kayle.

Recently, when her husband was ill, Cobo took care of him while still running the clinic. Cobo also took care of her father during this time until his death at almost 103.

There are a few things Cobo wants the community to know. Payson Christian Clinic is a well known teaching institution. Students come from all over the country, such as Marquette University in Wisconsin as well as the University of Arizona Medical School, and from as far away as Beijing, China.

“We serve the uninsured and the underinsured people of Gila County. Underinsured means folks may have insurance, but their deductible is so high they cannot afford to pay it in order to get care. They can see the doctor here at the Payson Christian Clinic.”

The clinic works with people of all ages who need routine medical care and those who are ill. The clinic is not for emergencies, appointments are necessary.

Doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants see the patients with registered nurses assisting. The Prayer Team is available to meet the spiritual needs of patients.

“Currently, the clinic is in need of volunteer RNs and LVNs and office administrative staff to admit and discharge the patients and work with the medical records,” Cobo said. All is confidential according to HIPAA rules.

“We depend on the financial support of our community to keep the doors open. The clinic is run entirely on donations,” she said. “Please prayerfully consider making a generous donation to help in this important ministry.”

When you go to the clinic, you will probably see Cobo moving quickly through the halls, answering questions, visiting with patients and volunteers, taking care of all that needs to be done.

The Payson Christian Clinic is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit licensed by the state of Arizona as an outpatient treatment center.

For more information and for appointments, call 928-468-2209 or visit

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