Laurie Timothy spent 33 days in Banner Payson Medical Center with COVID-19. She has only high praise for her ordeal at least at BPMC.

She and her husband have lived in the area since 2014. They both received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Her husband had worked 10, 12-hour shifts and on the 10th day came home and went right to bed, not feeling well.

“We thought it was probably just fatigue from work,” Timothy said. But the next day he woke up with cold-like symptoms and then on the second day developed flu-like symptoms.

Timothy said she started feeling sick around the third day of her husband’s illness and the next day she was sicker than she’d ever been.

They both went to the county health department for COVID tests and were told they had the illness despite being vaccinated.

Timothy said she was sick for five days with terrible flu symptoms, but then she started feeling better. However, on the seventh day, she felt worse and had a great deal of difficulty breathing.

She went to the emergency department of Banner Payson Medical Center and learned her oxygen saturation level was dangerously low. The BPMC emergency staff worked to get her oxygen up and they admitted her to the hospital, going into a med-surg room.

Timothy said her oxygen level continued to drop, so she went into the intensive care unit.

“I think I passed out because the last thing I remembered was being helped out of or into bed,” she said.

In the ICU they put her on a vi-pap, equipment that covers the nose and mouth and forces air into the lungs. She was on that for 24 hours a day for two weeks. She then had to use a high-flow cannula — the tube was about the size of a nickel, she said.

“I was pretty sick and I’m very fortunate to have recovered. The care at Banner, from the emergency room and everyone else, was amazing. I’d heard lots of cautionary rumors about the hospital, but my care was outstanding. It was the best care I’ve ever received,” Timothy said.

“The nurses were stellar — compassionate, caring, professional. The food was phenomenal.”

She said the BPMC staff met all her needs and took great care of her family too, letting them know how she was doing.

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(2) comments

Paul Frommelt

More proof that the pseudo "vaccines" don't do what they were advertised to do. So, let's get a Booster!

Mike White

What was the medical reasoning for their coming down with Covid even after having had the shot?

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