Ali and Judy

Judy K. sought treatment with Dr. Mir Ali after she heard him speak at a Banner High Country Seniors Doc Talk presentation.

Meet Judy K. who first met Dr. Mir Ali when he spoke at Banner High Country Seniors — as the featured Doc Talk — more than a year ago.

Judy shared that she’s had prior leg/vein issues and needed to go to hear his presentation on veins to understand if additional treatment would complete her healing.

Judy said, “Honestly, I would have waited longer, but was drawn to visit Dr. Ali after hearing him speak.” Judy shared, “I enjoyed the information, it was very informative. He presented as very professional and seemed like a doctor I could trust.” She also recalls that she even asked a question, or two, that day.

Judy’s nursing career involved a significant amount of standing and while she’s all about “move around, not sit around,” she learned at her appointment that both legs required treatment.

In a follow up visit, Chantal (vascular tech at HAV) scanned both of Judy’s legs, post treatment and the result was that both were corrected from the treatment and both were a success!

While Judy is still healing she said, “I was so relaxed and was writing myself notes, on my cell, for errands I had to do as the procedure was happening.” The only level of discomfort was the numbing shot, because she said, “that burned a little.”

In total, four veins needed treatment and Judy made visits each time for follow up scans.

What about the practice did you like? “I would recommend this office for their professional front office. They also have an excellent team in the treatment rooms.”

She added, “It takes a lot for me to feel confident with a new physician, but with Dr. Ali, it just clicked right away.

“I now know, and feel, my legs are better on the inside.”

Note: Tests and procedures performed at Heart, Artery & Vein Institute are Medicare approved. Have your insurance information ready when you phone to schedule your visit. Call 928-238-1388.

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