This, being the last Your Health section of 2019 for Heart, Artery & Vein Institute (until February 2020), is a special one indeed. It’s a reflection on our patients who, truly, wanted to share their heart, artery or vein success stories to inspire readers to take a proactive approach to seeking treatment.

As I’ve said before, this is the easiest section to write. Our patients — who gave us their time, shared their stories and encouraged others to seek medical attention — all have one thing in common: Each has a zest for living their best healthy life and, each are proactive about seeking the proper treatment(s).

This Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season, we give thanks and celebrate the successes that our patients experienced in 2019. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the people of Payson/Rim Country.

Enjoy reading the testimonials of the three gentlemen who agreed to share their experiences.

Andrew J.

Meet Andrew J., he’s a patient at a cardiology practice in Chandler that calls in Dr. Ali to consult with patients for vein issues. Andrew’s cardiologist referred him to Dr. Ali for his leg symptoms.

Since Dr. Ali is both an interventional cardiologist and a vein specialist, he’s a great complement to a cardiology practice.

His wife Collette typically accompanies Andrew to his appointment. They each focus on different aspects of his visits and make a good team when attending doctor visits.

Collette recalls, “In the old days you’d heard of veins being stripped. Or many times if there was swelling there was a ‘water pill.’”

“(Dr. Ali) always starts by explaining why a person’s feet would be swollen and how to achieve an improvement,” says Andrew.

Dr. Ali shared the treatment named vein ablations with Andrew — he received mechanical ablations.

The mechanical procedure has a trigger that rotates a catheter and the rotation causes the vein to shrink. Mechanical procedure, as opposed to thermal-based procedures such a laser or radio frequency, is associated with less discomfort and pain.

After the first appointment, the procedure to treat both legs was scheduled.

This proactive couple understands the importance of getting treatments that can help and make sense. “It’s all different now, state of the art procedures. We’re open-minded and accept the solutions,” says Collette.

Andrew has some really super days, now, and gets his exercise by doing chores inside their home and also outdoors with some of the landscape projects he’s comfortable doing.

Collette on the other hand, is more of a treadmill gal. She is diligent about them staying on track by eating healthy foods and using portion control. She says, “It’s common sense.”

She laughs and says, “I’m the fussy one when it comes to doctors and is more of a personal thing. Dr. Ali made an outstanding first impression and he was very kind.”

Andrew says, “If you know something is wrong, go get it fixed.”

John M.

Meet John M. who has lived in Payson for decades. He is a transplant to Rim Country from California and a retired music educator. He’s happiest when he’s focused on his private collection from “The Happiest Place on Earth” otherwise known as Disney. He now has more than 14,000 pieces (handpicked from new to rare pieces). His passion for collecting is coming up on 59 years.

A scholar of Whitman College, he played the keyboard and guitar, enjoyed teaching and loves being a Disney collector. John spends a considerable amount of time updating his collection. Cataloging — including photos, descriptions, and categories — on a computer and in notebooks. He is passionate about the uniqueness of many pieces in his collection.

John recalls, with a great big smile, the time the Payson Roundup featured him and his Disney collection.

When you least expect it ... John explains, “One day I’m in the shower, I happen to look down at my left foot and the varicose veins just began to bleed, heavily.”

After a visit to Heart, Artery & Vein Institute for a consultation and testing, it was suspected that John had A-fib (atrial fibrillation) and varicose veins. He also had poor arterial circulation in the legs.

It was recommended that John have a procedure, performed by Dr. Ali in an arterial lab in the southeast Valley, in Phoenix. John remembers being there, with Dr. Ali from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. that day for opening the arteries.

“I went down on a Saturday and the only uncomfortable thing was spending all that time on my back.

“I really didn’t know what to expect. The staff was very nice. The procedure was easy and there were no problems.”

Less than a week later, he was back in the HAV office for a follow up appointment with Dr. Ali. Now, the future plan is venous ablations performed at the Heart, Artery & Vein Institute office, in Payson.

“Dr. Ali is what I would call ‘deliberately cautious.’ He’s methodical and maps it out so I can see it step by step.”

John’s advice, “Look at me. I’m an example. If I hadn’t paid attention to these things happening to me, I wouldn’t be here smiling today. Don’t procrastinate.”

Ron G.

Meet Ron G. who met Dr. Ali via a referral from a local pain management physician and through the encouragement of his wife, who had heard Dr. Ali on the radio and read the Your Health section.

Ron begins by sharing he had a triple bypass (coronary artery bypass surgery) 15 years ago. “I had just retired.”

Fast forward, after a full recovery and rehabilitation, one year ago he was ready to get back into the popular outdoor sport of fishing. He’d made a trip to Prescott to one of several unique areas requiring a hike up to the top of a hillside in order to get to the fishing spot. He was ready.

That day turned out to be very windy — to the tune of 60-mile per hour winds.

He was blown off the hillside.

Ron’s pain management physician helped him with his pain from the fall, but also referred him to Dr. Ali.

“When I met Dr. Ali, he was professional and a good listener.”

Ron proceeded with testing and options for treatment. He learned his legs were the real problem.

Ron recalls that he was having pain and cramping. He remembers Dr. Ali telling him that his right foot was cold on top.

“He would always feel the temperature of my feet.”

It was suspected that an arterial dilatation was needed. Dr. Ali recommended that he would perform the arterial dilatation on Ron in an arterial lab in the southeast Valley, in Phoenix.

“I went in on a Saturday and they cleaned out one completely. I was back at Dr. Ali’s the following Monday for a follow up.”

Ron was very happy and is very satisfied.

“Dr. Ali is cautious about what he prescribes.”

Now, Ron gets little bursts of energy and can help with chores around the house. He even notices that the tops of his feet are warmer.

“And, I’m on less medicine. In the short time I’ve known (Dr. Ali), I trust him 100 percent. He’s professional and caring when it comes to his patients.”

Call 928-238-1388 for an appointment.

If you’re having an emergency, please dial 911 and go to a hospital.

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