Our “Word Of Mouth Says Plenty” testimonials have turned out to be the easiest section to write. Why so? Because, it truly writes itself.

Each quarter, I reach out to patients of Heart, Artery & Vein Institute (HAV) in hopes that they’ll consider spending time with me, on the phone, to share their health journeys first hand. Each quarter, there’s a resounding “yes” in accepting the invitation to talk candidly. And, once what was a hope that a patient spends a few minutes with me now turns into me blocking off at least 30 minutes — and sometimes an hour — to hear their experience.

Why do they share their experience? Because there’s nothing like sharing an account of a cardiovascular or venous treatment or experience from the patients themselves.

Word. Of. Mouth.

Many times, you, the reader, will identify with a patient or know someone that is having the same symptoms. As we always say “Health Checks Reduce Health Risks.”

Each of the four following people have given their permission to share their very personal journeys and success stories.

John M.

This documentation begins with John M., a former businessman who enjoys fishing and retirement, but didn’t like that he felt like he was slowing down.

At 69 years young, John began to feel cramping in his feet and legs. Intent on taking care of himself, John mentioned his symptoms to his primary care office/nurse practitioner who strongly recommended he get it checked out and referred him to Dr. Ali.

At his first appointment with Dr. Ali, John felt “he explained it good and it made sense.”

“I had testing to identify abnormal veins.” As it turned out, there were several veins that needed to be treated.

John understood it as, “You fix the vein or get rid of it. I had seven veins done. Each was a quick, separate trip every couple weeks.” The result: “the cramping stopped quickly.”

The two types of in-office treatments included 1) mechanical rotation, and 2) laser touch.

“I tell people you have to get it done right.” And, his message to other men is “go see somebody and get it taken care of.”

John tells friends, “Dr. Ali is thorough and tells you everything that will go on.” He’s referred friends and neighbors.

John’s very patient with the treatment plan and schedule for healing. On his next visit, Dr. Ali will share results from the treatment and next steps.

Bob K.

Many times it takes the expertise and collaboration of two physicians to put you on the road to recovery. Meet Bob K., a retired Navy Vietnam veteran who is 64 years young. His priority is to keep his heart healthy.

With a history of past heart issues, Bob began re-experiencing pains in his chest over the summer of 2018. The Veterans Administration put in for testing closer to his home utilizing the Choice 40 program. Bob visited Dr. Ali in the fall of last year and proceeded with diagnostic testing including a stress test and angiogram.

Dr. Ali, and Valley surgeon Dr. Stein of Banner Heart, determined that Bob needed a quadruple bypass. While Bob was comfortable with both physicians and knew that the surgery was necessary, he needed to become more comfortable with the timing and the difference between having surgery immediately vs. a couple weeks later.

“Dr. Ali listened to my concerns and went over the evaluations. He told me about the success rate and the outcomes in my medical situation and what was happening in my body.“

Bob felt Dr. Ali took a holistic approach with him and Dr. Ali understood when he told him, “I needed time to think about this.”

Bob thought about it and then declared, “with the high percentage of blockage, let’s get it done.”

“Dr. Ali was there at the hospital to see me prior to the open heart surgery (performed by Dr. Stein at Banner Heart).

“His (Dr. Ali’s) office was great getting all the paperwork done. I’m so glad I made the right decisions,” Bob said.

Thinking back, Bob mentioned how thankful he was and is to both physicians and to his family.

Of course, some lifestyle changes were suggested. Bob admits, “it’s hard to cut back (and to quit) smoking, but I’m determined.” Dietary changes including less fat and salt intake were also recommended.

Bob says what he liked the most about Dr. Ali was his courteous staff, how they communicated, listened and didn’t lecture him.

“I know there will be times when I fall off the wagon. But, I will get back on. I feel like I have a new lease on life.”

Linda S.

As we get older, we hope our physicians will be around forever. We’ve all experienced a time we had to seek a new physician. Here’s an example of a referral combined with the support of a friend.

Meet Linda S. who is 73 years young. She and her husband had seen a local cardiologist in the past, but due to unforeseen circumstances they needed to find a new cardiologist.

A referral from their local PCP (primary care physician) and referral from a friend, led Linda to Heart, Artery & Vein Institute.

During a consultation with Dr. Ali, Linda mentioned how her legs were really bothering her. “My legs felt heavy, my ankles were swollen and it was very uncomfortable.”

The testing, procedure and outcome for vein ablations were fully explained to Linda. But, Linda thought back to that day and remembered, “It all made sense, but somehow I lost the courage to do it. I was nervous and a little scared.”

She let a few months go by. Linda spoke with a friend who shared that she went to Dr. Ali and had the vein ablation procedure. Linda said, “My friend told me, ‘you can do it!’”

Knowing that she had five veins that needed treatment, three in one leg and two in the other, she now shares how it was between “pretty much painless to not painful at all. An interesting procedure that’s minimally invasive and interesting,” was how she put it.

Because Linda was ready to begin, but didn’t want the procedures to interrupt the upcoming holidays, she scheduled them in phases. Procedures were completed between last October through early December, and then Linda took a break until after Jan. 10, 2018. It worked out that she healed with no after effects, no down time, and remarked how surprising it was that the “bad” vein didn’t hurt during recovery.

Linda has a follow up visit that will include a treatment referred to as laser touch. She would encourage other people having the same issue. “Go and talk to Dr. Ali. Consider treatment. There’s no reason to put up with it.”

She says she kidded with Dr. Ali saying, “You’re really getting good at this, Dr. Ali.” A side benefit to the discomfort and swelling is now reflected in Linda’s outlook, “Now I’m hoping to even wear cropped slacks this upcoming summer!”

As I talk to more of Dr. Ali’s patients, a trend is developing. Spouses are both seeking heart artery and/or vein testing and treatment together.

Norm N.

Norm H. Norm sought out Dr. Ali after an untimely retirement of his previous MD. He and his wife happened to read a past write-up on Dr. Ali and Heart Artery and Vein Institute in this very newspaper.

The primary interest in finding a local cardiologist was for sleep apnea. Part of managing sleep apnea is making sure that no heart issues develop. A yearly check-up and stress test tracks any potential health risks.

Norm said, “I actually did have some swelling in my legs, but no heart issues. I had superficial vein ablations, four in fact, two in each leg.” Norm went on to say, “The procedure was very impressive. It was a tiny pin that probed, a slight vibration and then, done.”

Over a period of two months, the varicose veins were gone.

Testing and treatment was desired by this couple with the goal of being healthy and prolonging their lives.

“The team at the office is very, very pleasant and exceptional at what they do. We do recommend (them) Heart, Artery & Vein Institute.”

At 75 years young, Norm joked and chuckled about “not been able to complete a marathon, yet…” But, he is returning in month for a follow-up visit.

Note: The majority of the tests and procedures are Medicare approved. Have your insurance information ready when you phone to schedule your visit. Call 928-402-8000 or 928-238-1388.

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