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The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce signed a new five-year lease agreement with the town.

The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce is staying put in its location at the corner of Main Street and the Beeline Highway

At the last council meeting, the board approved upping the rent for the chamber to continue using the space, which it will now share with the town’s economic development director.

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Jeff Robbins


(A) Any lease of the town's real property, originating or renewal, excluding inter-governmental agreements, excluding utility and communication providers, excluding Airport Commission agreements, excluding Water Department agreements, that has a stated or extended term of three years or more shall be subject to a vote of the qualified electors to enact.

(B) For the purposes of this chapter, lease(s) with a utility and communication provider(s) are excluded.

(C) The term LEASE shall include all forms of lease, license and easement.

(D) For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

LEASE . A contract where the town agrees to give a tenant the exclusive right to inhabit or occupy real property.

LICENSE . A contract in which the town lets an individual or an entity use real property for a specific purpose.

EASEMENT . A contract in which the town lets an individual or an entity use real property for a specific purpose or prevents the use of the real property.

UTILITY AND COMMUNICATION PROVIDERS . Includes any organization which provides services to the general public, although it may be privately owned. Public utilities include electric, gas, telephone, water, sewer, waste management, broadcast systems and television cable systems.

Steve Sarvent

I'm sure some lawyer has an answer but why isn't this in violation of the Arizona Constitution Gift Clause? It is 'providing a subsidy'. If we can't waive fees to fundraise for veterans then why can we waive rent for businesses? I'm sure that the normal commercial rent is more than $1 a sq. ft.

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