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Time Out, the only domestic violence shelter in Gila County, received a donation large enough to complete the build out of a new shelter, from Dalton L. Knauss. His family foundation has supported the domestic violence shelter for years, but his dying wish was to pay for building a new shelter building. 

Dalton L. Knauss got his last wish granted when his son and daughter-in-law delivered a $250,000 check to the Time Out Shelter three days before Christmas.

The donation provides enough to build a new shelter and serves as the capstone to three years of effort to raise money for Time Out’s building fund.

Staff at Time Out call it a Christmas miracle.

“Time Out is overwhelmed with gratitude for this gesture,” said Trish Klaver, Time Out’s CEO. “The knowledge that Time Out’s well-being was on the mind of Mr. Knauss is so touching and inspiring to all staff, management and members of our board of directors.”

Dalton and the family foundation has supported Time Out for more than a decade. It is the only domestic violence shelter in Gila County that serves families, men, and women struggling to start a new life after escaping from the abuse of domestic violence.

The shelter, with rooms big enough to house a family with multiple children, has come to the end of its shelf life. No longer will duct tape and chicken wire keep it together.

Daughter-in-law Marilyn knew Dalton had a special place in his heart for Time Out.

“Every time we spoke about Time Out, Dalton would well up,” said Marilyn. “This year ... Dalton and Elaine (his wife) were thinking about making some personal donations ... they knew in their hearts that finishing the shelter needed to be done and they wanted to make that a reality.”

The Knauss family has supported Time Out for the last decade through their foundation.

“When we were approached many years ago by Gerry Bailey, former director, we knew we had to help,” said Marilyn. “Dalton and Elaine, Dalton especially, hated the stories we were hearing!”

The family supported the organizational needs of Time Out, but three years ago, decided to launch a building fund while Marilyn served as president of the Time Out board.

“When we saw the conditions at the shelter it became obvious that something needed to be done,” she said.

It’s not been easy.

“With the COVID-related shutdowns during 2020 impacting fundraising efforts, raising enough funds to make the new shelter a reality proved to be a challenge,” said Klaver.

Dalton didn’t want to leave the community without a place to shelter those struggling with DV, as the family has firsthand experience — Marilyn witnessed it as a child.

“It is not anything anyone should go through,” she said.

When Dalton and his wife Elaine heard stories of Time Out clients’ struggles, “It broke their hearts ... they both said that no one should have to live like that.”

But Dalton reacted more deeply.

“We are pretty sure he had some family members that suffered at the hand of DV, but he never wanted to share,” said Marilyn. “He was a very quiet, thoughtful man with a huge heart.”

Which is why he decided to donate enough to build the new shelter.

“They prayed over it and the day before Dalton passed away (Dec. 15), he told Bill (his son) that they wanted to make (the donation) happen ... to help make a difference in at least one person’s life,” said Marilyn.

The donation gives Time Out “enough funds to build the new shelter,” said Klaver.

“This donation should inspire us all to be a little better, to give back when we have success in our lives and always be aware of the greater good. Thank you Dalton L. Knauss, you are an inspiration,” she said.

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Don Manthe

Thank you Mr. Knauss and family for your kindness. Much respect 🙏

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