Payson council debate at Church of the Nazarene June 27

Council candidates weighed in on their understanding of the current relationship the town has with local businesses and their ideas to improve it with the Roundup. Payson residents will have lots of choices to make about which council candidate best represents their hopes for the future of the town. 

They actually seemed to like and respect each other.

Can this be a political debate?

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Jeff Robbins

Re-elect Jim Ferris?

More false allegations.

Taxpayers have no rights.

Spent 4 years on an unfounded personal witch hunt not doing any people’s work. Work for us.

Provided misinformation to his own lawyer.

Ferris according to a judge violates rights. This cost us taxpayers a ton of money.

Ferris suggested controlling what they put on plaques.

After rallying against safety protocols Payson Councilor Jim Ferris is in the ICU with difficulty breathing due to COVID .Yet wants to give heath care advice?

the town would probably lose a lawsuit if the council implemented 401 and 402 by taking a $1 million purchase to a vote of the people because “that is not a power that you have been granted under the Constitution. “That’s ok with Jim Ferris he clearly doesn’t care about our taxes. Ferris made a motion to keep the town codes.

Jeff Robbins

Jim Ferris forgets he has been on the town council for almost 4 years and has accomplished nothing other than costing the taxpayers over $100,000.00 by violating peoples rights. Jim Ferris doesn't think taxpayers have rights. To re-elect him would be a fools' errand. Jim Fired our town manager than hired Troy Smith - now complains. Jim hired out town contract attorney -now complains. He has made it clear he makes bad and costly decisions for us taxpayers.

Jeff Robbins

Stephen Otto made it clear he knows nothing and just wants to whine and finger point. A lady sitting next to me said " He is just an angry old man" . No ideas - Just misinformation and hate.

Dave Golembewski

At her last statement Tina Smith said we should build a new pool at Rumsey Park . Then she said we could have two pools . I’m sure we’d have to raise taxes for these new pools . I support renovating Taylor pool before they spend 500k to demo it . If we use the same shell we could do it way under the demo costs . Make More Cents ??

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