Elizabeth Bayless Elkins book ban no library

“Saying that this Bill of Rights shouldn’t be a part of the agreement, is literally the next step to taking away our 1st Amendment Rights and censoring people – and that’s not OK." Elizabeth Bayless Elkins

Payson Councilor Jim Ferris last week couldn’t convince the council to turn down a $250,000 library grant over his bid to censor a library book about sex.

The debate stirred such passions, it sparked a sometimes-personal debate about the Constitution, Freedom of Speech and morality when Ferris, on June 23, objected to approval of the consent agenda item.

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Bruce W Heffner

amazing that for a few "free" taxpayer dollars how many people can be bought, what would be the comments if the "free" taxpayer dollars were spent for the library to distribute books of faith

Nancy Volz

So, everyone who commented on this book must have read it...right?

Steve Sarvent

It is crazy that some people want to go back to the 1930s book burnings. All for a comic book for 8 to 10 year old. They are in for a huge shock when they find out all the things on the internet.

Bruce W Heffner

perhaps parents should not allow "children" access to those "things" on the internet

Dave Golembewski

No publicity stunt just trying to protect the children from a nasty book displayed on a shelf over the coloring table . You can spin it any way you want but that book was written nasty with cartoons to indoctrinate children. I’ll protect them all day long . I pulled the book and they removed the bulk of those books which meant they had more and knew they were inappropriate in childrens hands . 🙏🇺🇸

Jeff Robbins

Dave – You took a post from Elvia School board. Coordinated with your AZRA group/Fourforpayson and Jim Ferris and cooked up a campaign political stunt using our Public Facility “Town Hall”. It backfired badly and exposes you all as homophobes and willing to remove people’s rights. All you guys are dangerous bad news and a threat to democracy in Payson. You are a Political Special Interest Group.


May 11 th

A member of Hispanic outreach for AZRA .Rim Country Arizona Republican Assemblies.

Elvia School Board is with Elvia Botello Guerrero.

A mother who recently moved to our town of Payson just shared with me that these books are displayed at our library. As you can see, the sexualization of our children is integrated. God help us keep our little ones safe...

Following is the pictures of the book you falsely targeted as a political stunt. Sad and unlaw to use town hall are your groups campaign headquarters.

The photos tell the story.

Anna Smith

Indoctrination? That’s what the Bible is for. If you think this book is appropriate, try reading your bibles.

Jeff Robbins

This was simply a political stunt campaigning using the taxpayers facility Town Hall. Dave- Jim-Elvie-Doug-and Stephen all members of the Rim Country's AZRA cooked up this fake political stunt. I hope it backfired badly . Would you all please stop using our town hall as some kind of campaign headquarters. That's against the law. We the people have suffered enough of this false behavior.

Paul Frommelt

"false behavior?" Isn't that a bit like false "fake profiles? You remember. Jack Hastings, Dennis Lawrey, Ned Lemon,Don Tea, Don Fair? Now THAT's what I would call 'false behavior"!

Don Manthe

Were you the "elderly male patron" that complained about a book that hadn't been checked out in 6 years??🙄🙄🙄

Jeff Robbins

When guilty- Paul's ad hominem is two things 1- Deflection to hide his misinformation and guilt. 2- Frustration because he is unable to CENSOR you like he does everywhere else. Jigs up buddy.

Bruce W Heffner

do you really want a backfire in Payson

Paul Frommelt

I believe the root of the issue has less to do with censorship, and more to do with make sure material in the children's section age appropriate. I applaud the library's moving the book to a more suitable area, where parents can supervise a child's access to controveersial material that is, perhaps, more suited to teen aged minors.

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