TSP Chickens

It appears likely that you’ll be able to keep those chickens and rooster on your property.

That is, if you have a henhouse.

The Payson Town Council held a first public hearing recently on extending an ordinance that allows for residents to keep livestock on their property.

The ordinance was approved by council in November 2015 with certain standards required for keeping poultry hens in neighborhoods. It had a sunset of 60 months pending discussion and review by the Planning & Zoning Commission. The ordinance reads that livestock and poultry are permitted if they do not create a nuisance, are in conformance to the code, and are kept under:

• A minimum of 1 acres of land is required for maintenance of livestock or rooster.

• No livestock or poultry is permitted in any front yard. Where an adjacent residential lot is not currently developed, the required setbacks on the adjacent property shall determine the potential placement of roosters.

• A maximum of 10 poultry hens kept only within an enclosure or fenced area are allowed on residential lots, regardless of lot size.

• At night, all poultry shall be confined to a henhouse.

• Poultry shall be kept, housed, or otherwise maintained a minimum of 25 feet from any minimum setback line on an adjacent property. Minimum separation requirements may be waived with written agreement from affected adjacent property owner(s).

• The keeping of poultry on any parcel not zoned r1 shall require a zoning permit, notification as outlined in §154-08-008(2) shall be provided. Notice shall further include all other tenants/residents/users on the subject property. Approval may be subject to administrative hearing findings and/or conditions.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on Sept. 13, 2021 and voted unanimously to recommend extending the provisions for 60 months.

Staff noted there have been no major concerns or issues with the changes since 2015.

The Payson Town Council will hold a second hearing Dec. 9.

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(2) comments

Mike White

Hens are fine, almost pet-like and add value with their eggs that will help the community in a potential supply chain breakdown. But, I have had neighbors, even a few houses away, with roosters. Don't plan on sleeping past 0430 or 0500 if one is in your neighborhood.

Phil Mason

The Town Council needs to concentrate on things like the unnecessary and obnoxious grocery tax, the Taylor Pool fiasco, the streets maintenance failures, the probably illegal refusal to allow the public to attend Council and Commission Meetings, reducing a possible cataclysmic fire event, reducing the overload of town hall bureaucracy, (increase of 20% over a period when population remained stagnant) etc. before the chickens come home to roost in this election year.

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