Doug Vik

Doug Vik of Morningstar Builders can build houses using insulating concrete foam, which is four times more fire resistant than wood.

Wouldn’t you like to have a house that has the following attributes — energy efficient, fire resistant, durable, comfortable, sound blocking ability, cleaner air, and in many cases, with insurance premium reductions?

Well, houses built with insulating concrete foam (ICF) have these properties and are four times more fire resistant than wood.

ICF homes are made of lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam board blocks with a hollow area in the middle supported by rebar. The foam boards are designed with a grid that interlocks and allows for easy stacking. This cuts out a huge portion of construction time compared to a traditional building style as they can be assembled very quickly. Following this, the builder pours concrete into the hollow blocks.

Concrete building materials have excellent thermal mass qualities, improving the energy efficiency of buildings by slowing down heat transfer. Thermal mass is one of the reasons that insulating concrete forms work so well to maintain a consistent temperature; insulation is the other. Additionally, concrete can absorb up to 20% to 25% of the carbon dioxide emitted to produce it, and it will not burn, rust, nor rot to re-release that carbon dioxide back into the environment.

A longtime builder here in Rim Country, Doug Vik of Morningstar Builders, enjoys providing these new ICF homes.

Vik went to shop class in high school and learned about drawing plans. He hired on as a draftsman and started drawing his own plans. “Using plans for so many years you get to know what to do.” Doug says, “I have a can-do attitude.”

He got his start in the building industry in 1972 at 19 years old when he built his first house.

“My father had a heart attack and the doctor told him he couldn’t work anymore. He was sitting in a dark house with the drapes closed. I wondered what I could do to help my dad,” he said. “I said, ‘Dad, why don’t we build a house?’ He thought about it a long time. Then he agreed. He bought some land and we did build a house. When that was done we built another.”

After constructing traditional homes and restaurants, he is building ICF homes here in Payson.

The ICF blocks used in construction create incredibly solid walls, sometimes 4 feet thick, which keeps noise out.

Paige, a new ICF homeowner in Payson says, “The outside noise doesn’t penetrate. The house keeps cooler and the pellet stove for heat is enough. Doug is an awesome, impeccable builder.”

Insulating concrete foam, one of the most durable building materials, requires less maintenance over time, and this type of building provides resilient construction and the unparalleled ability to withstand harsh weather events which is critical as we face the realities of climate change.

For more information on Morning StarBuilders LLC, call 480-766-8377 or email

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