Pool opens

The Rim Country Educational Foundation would like to build a new pool off Mud Springs Road. A meeting scheduled for Tuesday to discuss the project with the town was canceled.

The Payson Parks and Recreation Commission could see one of its longtime wishes for recreation facilities answered through the Rim Country Educational Foundation’s community center project.

“Some current and past members have expressed the want and need of a complete master plan for Parks and Recreation development townwide, which included the discussion of recreation components on the east side of town,” said Courtney Spawn, the town’s director of parks and recreation at the Aug. 7 Parks and Recreation Commission meeting.

The RCEF has already cleared forest for new ballfields — a development needed to support the expanding tournament events of the town.

Spawn reported to the commission on the success of the many softball tournaments held this summer. She also reported some games had to be held at Payson High School to accommodate all the teams.

In addition, the RCEF community center plan includes a pool, but the group may need funding from the town to complete that project.

A work-study meeting for the Payson Town Council and members of the MHA Foundation scheduled for Aug. 13 was canceled due to the termination of Town Manager LaRon Garrett last week. Town staff said it needs time before attending a work-study to get things in place after Garrett’s abrupt exit.

Already Mayor Tom Morrissey has expressed negativity.

“I doubt this will receive support (from the council),” he said.

Whenever that meeting happens, Spawn looks forward to what RCEF proposes.

“(A) year-round pool, community center, ballfields, expanded offerings and more have all been topics of conversation for a time as they are and continue to be a need,” she said.

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(3) comments

Don Evans

Let's stop beating around the bushes. This whole debacle plan is driven by ex-mayor Kenny Evans and his minions on the Mogollon Health Alliance and his hand picked RCEF group. Their premature clear cutting of the property trees off of Mud Springs is a shame. Wait until the town get's the bill for maintaining their roads and other infrastructure. Can you hear whispers of a bond needed for the public to fund the development. Swim pool/ community center to sweeten the sell job.. It's all for the children you know.

Paul Frommelt

When a "news" outlet allows one line blurbs like this, "Already Mayor Tom Morrissey has expressed negativity."...it exposes the reading community to slant or bias from the newspaper. The one line expression adds nothing to the article, but does promote certain feelings of bias. So sad. This is supposed to be a new article, and not an editorial.

Mike White

The RCEF should never have destroyed all the trees, turning the acreage into an ugly dirt patch, until they had imminent development ready for building. It seems they didn't learn from their experience with the wasteful and tree-leveling entrance to the Road to Nowhere in the University debacle.

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