On Tuesday, Sept. 24, residents in the southeast quadrant of Payson saw a note using Payson Mayor Tom Morrissey's name posted on their mailboxes.

Morrissey denies he knows anything about the flier, nor did he create the flyer.

The Payson post office would like to remind everyone that it is against U.S. Postal Service policy to put anything on federal property — even lost cat notices.

“Postal delivery clerks will remove anything posted on post boxes,” said the postmaster.

Only federal employees may post on post boxes, stated the postmaster.

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(3) comments

Jack Hastings

Same tired argument as the last inappropriate flyer.

Mike White

Since the mayor has said he had nothing to do with this, then there is someone out there who committed a federal crime by misusing the postal system. Plus the false use of someone else's name is both fraudulent and cowardly. Perhaps some person who saw the perpetrator putting up the notices can call in the perp's name or description to the police or P.O. investigators. Let's find out who that person is.

Paul Frommelt

And yet, Another subjective article here. There has never been any evidence that these fliers were "from Mayor Morrissey" as the article states as fact. They were anonymously placed in various locations. No one ever saw who placed them. No one knows who printed them. Yet, the Roundup states as fact that the author was, in fact, Mayor Tom Morrissey. When is this editorial bias going to end?

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