Green Valley Park sidewalks

Payson residents notice when the town rips up sidewalks. The Parks and Rec Department hopes this gets done by the second week of June.

The Town of Payson irked at least one resident when it ripped up the sidewalk near the playground in Green Valley Park.

A resident called both the town and the Roundup to understand why the sidewalk lay in a shambles right before the Memorial Day events.

Nelson Beck, director of parks for the town, explained he’s trying to squeeze in a much-needed repair before the summer season and to squeeze out one final repair before this year’s budget cycle ends.

“The original sidewalks didn’t get a good foundation back then,” he said. “We’re putting in a better base.”

Between the clay soil, water table and tree roots, the sidewalk needed help.

“You have to over excavate and put in better materials,” he said.

As an added bonus, the town will widen the sidewalk.

“It wasn’t designed to handle the traffic we’re getting with events such as the Food Truck Festival,” said Beck.

He hopes visitors can walk on the new sidewalk by the second week in June. Just in time for the second performance in the Summer Concert Series.

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Phil Mason

Beck, accidentally, gave out the dirty little secret. One last project before the end of the budget cycle. Bureaucrats have used this ploy for decades. "Use it or lose it" has been the fundamental finance dogma to government officials.

I believe that the new zero based budget process implemented by Mayor Morrissey will be the start of stopping this fleecing of taxpayers.Beck should be reprimanded and evaluated for suspension for the irresponsible timing for this project.

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