Engineering and architecture?

Check and check.

The Payson council listened to Courtney Spawn, director of parks, recreation and tourism, at its Aug. 27 meeting as she ticked off each request the council had made of staff two weeks prior to move the splash pad project forward.

A splash pad for Payson has bounced around for the last 10 months. Originally a community group had offered to fundraise for the water feature. Then the town set aside $250,000 to pay for the pad. Once the town dug into what it would take to put the splash pad on the property it wished, the price increased to $300,000, while the features decreased.

“The first location that we were working on, there was a lot of work to be done,” said Spawn, including retaining walls and drainage issues.

So, the town found a soon-to-be-demolished building at the corner of Lake Drive and Green Valley Parkway to use as the base for the splash pad. The location already had utilities service as well.

Spawn then approached the Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation, a longtime local 501(c)(3) that raises money to beautify Payson’s parks and provides scholarships for town sports. Spawn asked if they would help fundraise to offset the cost of the splash pad.

“They are willing to assist in any way of receiving donations for the project,” she said.

The splash pad committee has also committed to raising funds.

Spawn then met with the town’s grant coordinator to identify a grant.

“Hopefully I will have some good news to report there in the future,” she said.

The recent boom in construction in Payson forced Spawn to find another architect to redesign a splash pad in the new location. The architect chosen “works closely with our previous architect so they’ll be some information and previous work crossover there so, we’re not starting from scratch,” she said.

Spawn has contacted the vendors for the pump system, water containment system, chemical reservoirs and other necessary equipment, as well.

“To make sure the splash pad can expand in the future, part of this new design will include a “safe swap cap,” said Spawn.

Once the civil site plan comes back from the architect, the engineer can begin “the preparation for the preliminary design and site layouts.”

Mayor Tom Morrissey asked if the new location would “lower” the cost of the project.

“That is what we are anticipating,” said Spawn.

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Alan Shepard

What kind of sanitization will be used to keep the water clean since green valley has ducks and ducks have salmonella.

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