Goodbye Longhorn logo.

It was good to know you.

The University of Texas’ Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing has requested that the Payson Unified School District and its affiliate programs stop using the Longhorn logo it has utilized for decades because it is too similar to their logo, which is copyrighted.

“PUSD is working with UT and have come to an understanding to not use their logo or the likeness thereof starting immediately on any new materials, uniforms, merchandise, etc.,” said Payson High School and Rim Country Middle School Athletic Director Rich Ormand in an email.

“We have agreed that over the next several years PUSD will rotate out uniforms (sports, band, clubs, etc.) with their logo, and will not purchase any new ones with UT’s logo. PUSD cannot accept any merchandise, clothing or other items donated from civic groups with the UT logo.”

Ormand said Payson High graduate Joe Klein, who owns Axis Culture, is working with PUSD to help design “our own official logo(s).”

“These will be PUSD’s intellectual property and copyrighted through the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) and National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Licensing as PUSD’s personal logos,” Ormand said in the email. “Once a new logo is selected, it and its variations will be the only logo to be used for the district. Every team, club, program and school will use the same logo on all of its uniforms, merchandise, etc.”

In the meantime, Payson will use the block letter P as its logo.

Ormand said Payson is one of many high schools across the state and country dealing with the same issue.

“Over the last few years literally hundreds of schools across the country have been sent letters to stop using college or pro organizations’ logos,” he continued in the email.

“In the last year over 20 schools in Arizona alone have been dealt the same scenario PUSD is now going through with regards to them using college or pro organizations’ logos.”

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(5) comments

John Wakelin

Let me see if I understand this. No one, other than U of T can use the Longhorns as their mascot? God bless the Cowboys! Shame on you.

Mike Eggleston

A better question would when did UT change their logo. A search that I did showed that they have had that logo since 1961. When did PUSD have theirs as that logo? Ref:

Mike White

Maybe Shorthorns?

Mike White

This makes UT look like a bunch of ogres.

Phil Mason

Crazy. For example, a thirty second search shows that the block P is used by Purdue University as well as other institutions of higher ?learning?. UT should spend their time cleaning up their reputation which is very sullied with violations so they would not bring negative connotations to Payson's Longhorn logo.

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