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The Payson Tire Pros and Automotive crew with the 2002 Lincoln Town Car they gave away on Christmas Eve.

The number of compelling applicants for the vehicle Payson Tire Pros and Automotive business was giving away overwhelmed owner Brian Bowman.

“We had a very difficult time with this,” he said. “It was a bit daunting because the way my wife and I chose to do this was pretty tough because you’re getting involved with all these applicants and you’re trying to decipher who gets the car out of all these crazy hardcore stories of where people ended up at in life right now and that they need a car, why they need a car and all these things. So, it was a very, very tough decision to say this person gets it.”

As difficult as it was, they picked someone very deserving of a helping hand. A woman named Cynthia drove the car home.

“This person had nobody to help her,” Bowman said. “She had no family up here. She works a totally different schedule (than her co-workers) and she’s walking back and forth to work at night, you know, late at night or early in the morning at 1 or 2 in the morning freezing cold. And she has a second job somewhere and she’s walking there.

“She’s walking to the grocery store, she’s walking everywhere. She doesn’t have anybody she can call and borrow a car, and she doesn’t ask for rides anywhere. So, we really felt that she needed the car.”

Bowman bought the car from someone who experienced a minor engine problem while driving through Payson.

“An individual was traveling through and the car needed a minor repair, if I’m not mistaken, a fuel pump or something along those lines,” said Keaton Loy, a manager at the business.

“They had other vehicles and didn’t want to invest further into this one and we bought it off them, put the money into the repair and got it up and going.”

Instead of selling the car, they thought of another option in this time of giving.

Of the 24 applicants, they found several people they could have given the car to.

“There’s at least another two or three or more other applicants that really severely need the car just as bad as she does,” Bowman said. “So, we said, ‘What about all these other people? How are we going to try to answer the call for what they need?’”

So, they posted a video on their Facebook page and did a radio interview asking if anyone in the community who has either a running car they would like to donate or one that would run with some repairs to contact them.

“We’re just asking the community does anybody know of anyone that wants to get rid of a car,” Bowman said. “We’ve already had two or three people call and say they’ve got a car they could donate to get them to these other people.”

So, Bowman is hoping they can help some others in need of a running vehicle.

Anyone who has a vehicle that either runs well or could be repaired and given to a needy family, can stop by Payson Tire Pros and Automotive at 212 W. Aero Drive in Payson, call them at 928-474-8473 or visit

Bowman is glad to help someone in need.

“It feels really good to see someone’s life change through something that’s small enough for us, but huge for them,” he said. “It’s nice to see people’s life transformed by doing a little thing.”

He says it’s gratifying to live in a giving community like Payson.

“It’s awesome to see the Payson community come together and help us try to find vehicles,” he said.

He said a woman who had a car is donating that vehicle to help someone in need after a friend donated a Toyota Prius to her to help her save on fuel expenses.

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