Voting polling place

Polling locations in Payson have made a commitment to provide a safe and peaceful experience for voters during the Nov. 3 general election.

Are you one of the many who saw a person in the store, perhaps a friend wearing the ‘I voted’ sticker, and thought, “Oh yeah, I was going to do that.” Or, “Oh, was that today?”

According to volunteers at the polling location in Pine-Strawberry, by the end of voting Tuesday, 181 out of 2,324 active voters had turned out. They also had mail-in and drop off ballots. For the county, voter turnout was 35.44%.

Voter turnout in a primary election is generally low, but that seems abysmal. In a time where so many are shouting for this or that, for or against, I would have thought the place where that idea matters most — in the voting booth — folks would have shown up.

Now I overhear some funny questions, and as not to embarrass anyone, I’d like to share them, anonymously.

“Why can’t I vote for any Republicans?” Because this is a primary and you are a registered Democrat.

“Why is there an election happening today? Is this for local stuff?” Again this is the primary election, a chance to decide who in your political party will advance to the November election.

“Why can’t I vote in Payson? I want to vote for the mayor?” Because you live in Pine-Strawberry, are therefore are registered in Pine-Strawberry. You vote in Pine-Strawberry and P-S residents are not a part of any Payson elections.

“Am I registered to vote?” If this is your question, or you would like to change parties, contact the Gila County Recorder’s Office at 928-402-8740.

So in such a small town, why is voting important? Voting determines how your tax money is spent and how much you will have to pay in taxes. Voting for local politicians has a direct impact on our day-to-day lives. Voting for state and national positions is the best way we have of guiding the larger community.

Respect your right to vote. This is a privilege many people around the world do not have.

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