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Joe Klein (left) and Chris Higgins spoke about social media marketing at the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon on May 7 at the Mazatzal Hotel & Casino.

Social media marketing was the topic at the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon at the Mazatzal Hotel & Casino on May 7.

KRIM owner Chris Higgins and Joe Klein, of Axis Culture Group and Quality Movers, gave local business owners tips on how to use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to engage and interact with customers.

They advised business owners to hold contests on their social media sites or partner with another company if you don’t have a prize to give away.

“People go nuts for free things,” they said.

Klein said you must “create a visual disruption” to stop people from scrolling right past your posts with something that catches and can hold their attention. Photos are a must, but short videos are even better, he said.

“Use as much video as you can,” they said.

If a business owner is not comfortable either speaking or being on video recruit someone who is.

“Have your kid read a flier or put the family dog in there,” Klein said.

He said you must tell a story letting people know why you do what you do.

“If you’re a paint store, I know what you do,” Klein said. “But why do you do what you do? You have to tell a story about a customer and their experience. Paint a picture. And you can use social media to do that.”

And why wouldn’t you?

“It’s a free resource,” Klein said. “Everyone is on it so you go where the eyeballs are,” he said.

Higgins said it’s important to interact with people.

“You need to respond to their comments,” he said. “I gravitate towards Facebook Live. It shouldn’t be one-way communication. You need to engage with viewers. If you’re having a contest, you can ask them, ‘What prize would you guys like?’”

Higgins said one thing that’s great about Facebook Live is that everyone who has liked your page gets notified when you use it.

Other advice included: partner with another company and go offsite for an event; schedule weekly videos; let people know what you offer; empathy creates loyalty and give people a call to action such as a “shop now” button.

Social media options can be overwhelming, but training for Facebook and Instagram is available and can be found via Google.

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