Another crazy winter storm

The Loop down at the Christopher-Kohl’s fire station was flooded with just one lane passable during the area’s most recent storm.

Christopher Creek got another crazy winter storm on Monday and Tuesday. What started out as a snow event, dropping an inch of snow, soon turned into rain. Between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Monday it rained an inch and it continued throughout the night. We lost power for half-an-hour at 11 p.m., but Colcord Road was out the rest of the night.

By 5:30 a.m. the rain total was more than three inches and the National Weather Service had issued a small stream flood advisory. At 8 a.m. the rain was 3.41 inches for the 24-hour period and it stopped. The snow was back. Heavy snow covered the road with three inches in a short time.

Then the reports began to trickle in. A semi was jack-knifed on SR 260 eastbound between Christopher Creek and Sharp Creek. The Loop down at the fire station was flooded with just one lane passable. Water had been flowing into the C Canyon RV Park. There were no barricades at the Carwash with a significant increase in flow. Flooding had cut into the road on Apple Lane. ADOT and Gila County were out in full force.

Right in the middle of writing this report the power went out again. After two or three attempts it came back on. The story was lost and we started over.

On my brief inspection tour, it appeared the drainage under the Loop at the fire station had plugged up forcing the waters from the large wash to flow over the road. Heavy snow continued as we made a quick visit to the Carwash and then my ol’ two-wheel-drive pickup told me it was time to get her home.

The storm was just too warm to dump another bunch of snow on us and that we can be thankful for.

Checking the Salt River Project lake levels report reveals that the reservoir system was at 70 percent of capacity, up from 44 percent back on December 1. Rim Country will continue to make a significant contribution in the next couple of weeks.

The astonishing amount of winter moisture since early December may be coming to an end as the outlook for March is for warmer and drier conditions. We’ve had all the joys of mountain living and it’s been a doozy!

We are happy to hear Marcia came through her knee replacement well and is headed back to Payson for her rehab. She is the gal you have seen hobbling around Creekside for years. Hurry back, Marcia, the summer rush is right around the corner.

Speaking of Creekside, Sheila is entered in the Taste of Rim Country this Saturday evening at the Payson Public Library. My stint for wine pouring is from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and we hope to see you there.

Down at the Landmark, preparations are under way for their season’s opening next Friday, March 10. With all the winter’s moisture, we would hope there will be no fire restrictions in June, which should make for a booming season for everyone.

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention the nine young gals staying at Creekside cabins last Saturday night. Down at the tavern they were gathered around a couple of tall tables. One should have known something was up when one of these mid-twenties young ladies wanted to share a barstool with me. Nine other stools were available at the time. Next thing you know, they had me singing Eddy Arnold’s “Cattle Call” to the future bride.

The antics were “dares” and were all a part of their bachelorette party. Attending were Jennifer Ford, Sara Curtis, Carrie Ford, Julie Ford, Alyssa Pernovost, Kalliea Ross, Bethany Nolan and Nicole Pais, all from the Valley. Katie Ford from Gilbert is the soon-to-be bride. The date and location of the ceremony and the name of the groom have been withheld to protect the innocent.

“A Killer is What They Needed — The True, Untold Story of Commodore Perry Owens, A Sheriff of the Arizona Territory” is a book by David Grasse. It is of interest as it tells the story of Sheriff Owens’ famous encounter with the Canyon Creek faction of the Pleasant Valley War. Grasse studiously follows the notorious lawman from articles in newspapers of the times.

As Christopher Creek seems to go into hibernation in January and February each year, we found this interesting quote in the book. It is from a Nov. 24, 1887 edition of the St. Johns Herald — “We wish some of our friends would commit suicide in some novel and sensational manner. The town is so quiet and local items so scarce, that someone should come to our relief, and give us the chance to use half a dozen headlines over an account of his tragic taking off. Don’t all respond at once.” ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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