Christopher Creek hit 75 degrees this week and there is a chance of snow showers in the forecast for this weekend. That is April in the mountains in a nutshell. We are not out of the woods, but we can see the clearing. The waters in the Creek are slowly receding to where the carwash is safe to cross in a golf cart. The flow made it possible to see Mimi’s Crossing under the clear, rippling water.

Christopher and Tonto creeks and the tributaries flow into the Tonto arm of Roosevelt Lake. The lake is now 74 percent full and the Salt system is up to 77 percent full. Over on the Verde system, the lakes are at 96 percent full.

Up on the Rim there is still standing water on the flats and the spillways are going over on some of the lakes, particularly Chevelon Lake. Willow Springs Lake access is open and the FS 300 road is to open around April 15.

The big utilities renovation at Creekside RV Park has started. The trailer of light standards, poles, water line, large electric box, and all more arrived Friday. Later, Dean offloaded the trencher and the backhoe was on site. Saturday morning the work commenced. In typical Creek fashion, Dave, the park owner, enlisted the volunteer services of many of the park residents. The job was to dig 1,400 feet of trench around the perimeter of the property with Duke on the backhoe.

Tracey was on the trencher, digging all the feeder lines to the individual spaces.

The crew enjoyed sloppy joes by the women at noon. The work resumed on Sunday morning and the feeder trenches were done before noon. Early this week the backhoe completed the perimeter and more work was required to dress up the trenches. The volunteers were Tracey, Duke, Tim, Tim Jr., Alan, Mike, Bill, Justin, Regis, JB and Randy Slapnika. The goal is to have water and power to each space with a minimum of interruption. Great work everyone.

Last Thursday evening there was a poker game hosted by Joe and Jenny Bronco in Colcord Estates. Ribs, coleslaw, rolls, brownies, and beer were served the 10 attending. Curt and Randy split the pot, while Jimmy, See Canyon Mike, Doc, John, Jenny, Joe and I contributed. Thanks, Broncos, for a fabulous evening.

The crew at Karen Thornton’s filled all the Easter eggs for the upcoming hunt. Helping were Phyllis, Rhonda, Debbie from Hunter Creek, Marge and from the Creekside RV Park — Jane, Janeen, and Joann.

The egg hunt is an annual Christopher Creek HOA event and is at Milburn Meadow by the homestead on Columbine Road. Kids and grandchildren of Christopher Creek residents up to 10 are invited. The hunt is at 1 p.m., Saturday, April 20 — bring your Easter egg baskets.

Heads up to all chili cook-off contestants — The time is coming up quickly. Ladies, get your Derby hats prepared. May 4 is the annual Kentucky Derby/chili cook-off event at the Landmark. This year’s marshals for the Independence Day parade will be announced at the chili cook-off.

Thanks to Susan Keown, local real estate agent, for bringing me a copy of a 2018 book on the Pleasant Valley War. It is entitled “Valley of the Guns” and is written by Arizona State University professor Eduardo Obregon Pagan.

Around the campfire, last weekend was Chloe, 10, daughter of John and Ashley Huesman. Someone asked her if she enjoyed coming up to the Creek. “Yes,” was her shy response. When pressed as to whether it was the trees, the creek, the fresh air she liked most, she said, “I just like to come up here to hang out with my family.”

It’s all about kids and dogs ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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