Christopher Creek attractions include a wildlife zoo. It is a driving tour not unlike the movie “Jurassic Park.” Each evening at dusk, folks head down Columbine Road toward the Ashby homestead meadow with hopes of capturing something on their cellphone camera. While that is the hotspot, an encounter can happen almost anywhere in town.

You might see one or several of the half-dozen or more bull elk hanging around town. These big boys no longer return to the woods at daylight to bed down for the day. They now nap and snooze in backyards right here in town. This bunch has become true townies.

With the beginning of their mating season, called the rut, you might see some of the dozens of cow elk hanging around the Creek. The serenade of bugling has begun in earnest.

Coues white-tailed deer have a large presence with some of the cutest, tiny fawns bouncing around in the tall grasses in the neighborhood. Mule deer are around, but are more elusive. There are several hunters here in town who have a keen interest in one buck with a huge, near-record rack on him.

On your zoo tour, you may see a skunk scurrying down the road. Their numbers have increased this year. Then the raccoons come out after dark. There is no admission to see this popular wildlife menagerie, but you are cautioned that the rut makes bulls much more aggressive and are known to attack humans.

Last Wednesday, Rosemary Elston was riding her bike near the intersection of the Loop and Hunter Creek Drive. She stopped by to report that a medium-sized black bear crossed the road right in front of her, headed toward Hunter Creek. She said it happened so fast that she was unable to get a picture.

Over the weekend, one of the bull elk had the misfortune of becoming entangled in a rope swing. The wooden seat of the swing dangled from his neck. He seemed to be quite proud of his new swag last Saturday evening. By Sunday night, the bling was securely tied into his rack, becoming headgear. Throughout the weekend, Game and Fish made several attempts to locate this unfortunate fella. Early on Monday morning, he was again on the Ashby meadow and once more Game and Fish responded. The bull in question was located halfway up the ridge and was darted. The rope and wooden board were removed without incident.

The 2020 Car Show and Christopher Creek Day Festival is this Saturday, Sept. 14, beginning at 9 a.m. This popular festival utilizes the parking area at the LDS church combined with the beautiful property around the ponds on the former Village of Christopher Creek. There will be food and vendors to see, as well as the shiny, classic cars, motorcycles and other interesting entries in the car show. Activities and fun for kids are featured throughout the day. Drawings and raffles are other popular events highlighted with a list of many fabulous prizes. This is the Firebelles’ big season-ending event and there will be a host of volunteers there to help. And, once again, the CKFD firefighters will be on hand to assist with setup and provide on-site EMT support. There is no charge and all Rim Country residents and visitors are invited.

We understand there are three CKFD firefighters currently deployed on a wildland fire assignment. Captain Chad Stluka, Steve McKinnon and Mike Ruiz were en route to northern California as of Tuesday morning. Their destination is the Lime Fire very near the Oregon border close to Yreka, Calif. We wish them a safe journey.

It is a great time of the year to be a sports fan in Arizona. Here’s hoping the Diamondbacks can continue their hot streak and can climb into the postseason wild card picture. The Devils are off to a good start. The Cardinals? What an adventure this is going to be!

Does the incessant bombardment of acorns this past week portend the coming of a long winter? Nah.

We passed a small milestone recently. In this space, a quarter of a million words have been written extolling the virtues of our little town and recording the events, adventures, and misadventures over the years. This came to mind recently when we ran into an old friend. Longtime local, Two-beer Gene, was at the mailboxes when he told me about a conversation he had at the doctor’s office last week. He was talking with a retired Marine who lives down in Tonto Basin. Gene mentioned living here in the Creek, whereupon the guy asked if he knew this Rod character who writes in the Roundup. Gene had to admit he did. So, Marine, if you happen to read this, thank you for the very nice compliment. Sempre fi ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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