Creek community tradition continues

Christopher Creek has a lot of fun community traditions, one is the annual Pajama Party. The 2017 version had 15 participants.

Christopher Creek continues to flow at an accelerated rate as it has for the last three months. This is despite the fact that it was just a year ago that local residents learned of the plan to plug the leaks in the side of the Mogollon Rim and stop the flow in the Creek. This was a proposal from the governor of California to increase their share of the water in the Colorado River. It was a time when there was an extreme water shortage due to drought. It was a desperate measure — California wanted to steal our water.

The federal government and the prior administration endorsed the plan and announced the stoppage of water feeding the Creek. This had local residents up in arms and for six months following the announcement the howling continued. Fortunately, the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly and before the plan was implemented our current administration dumped many extreme programs.

This story, which was published on April 1, 2016, garnered so much traction it deserves an update. Outraged local citizens contacted their representatives and, as typical, they sought a compromise. The new idea was to build a dam and fill Lake Christopher with waters from the creek prior to its being plugged. To test that proposal a smaller-scale pilot program was instituted. We now have a pond along the See Canyon road across from the Tall Pines Market.

In the short span of one year, change has once again come to California. The extreme drought from which they were never expected to recover now allows them to dump all their excess waters right into the ocean! Christopher Creek is no longer threatened.

In the midst of a half an inch of moisture — both rain and snow — we had a thunder-graupel storm last Thursday. As you know by now graupel is precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water freeze on a falling snowflake. Combine that with some startling thunderclaps and there you have it.

The annual Pajama Party hosted by Karen Thornton was attended by 15 local gals in all their finest. Marcia pranced around showing off the results of her hip replacement. There were some new faces.

Before breaking up there was a toast to Mimi who never missed the event.

The party moved on to Sheila’s Creekside where the Nina Coury group was entertaining. Half of the group made it to the Landmark to top off the evening. The Creek has its traditions.

A while back we met Christina Cantlin, a Diamond Resorts manager down at Kohl’s Ranch, and James Bruzzi, the owner of Bruzzi Vineyard in Young. Starting in April and each third Thursday throughout the summer they are hosting a wine tasting. Bruzzi wine will be featured. Sounds like we need to take a road trip to Young for a visit.

One hundred tons of material was required for the repairs at C-Canyon RV Park. Years of neglect of the large culvert passing under the Loop next to the fire station caused the flood damage. The extremely poor condition of our roads has some locals up in arms with the county. This week’s pass through by the county’s road maintainer was a minimum of relief.

Road damage exacerbated by weekly visits by a pair of refuse removal services and the many different propane delivery trucks along with normal traffic left us with months without relief. Gila County’s schedule for keeping up our non-surfaced roadways does not coincide with our needs.

Now that nearly all of fruit trees have blossomed out we need to keep our fingers crossed. It is not the time for a late freeze. Around here you can count on a bumper crop of apples about one year in five. With the amount of rain this winter, this could be one of those years.

There will be no column next Friday as we’re going on spring break. Every year we head for the Valley before it gets unbearable. Three or four days visiting Mother, dinner at niece Amy’s and Opening Day with the Diamondbacks are on the agenda, plus a girls high school softball game with Dean and Genny. Their granddaughter, Mariah, is one of the stars.

Without the double-standard of the national media they would have no standards at all ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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