Christopher Creek had a bolt of lightning and a startling clap of thunder on the eve of the long Labor Day weekend. The resulting power outage was brief as the APS crew was here in a remarkably short time.

The rain earlier that evening went a long way in cooling of us off and settling the dust on the road. A couple of other brief showers over the weekend did the same, but did little to reduce the deficit in our 2019 monsoon rainfall total.

It was a very pleasant evening on the patio behind the Landmark Friday, as folks fled the Valley heat to cool off in the pines. Genny Dodson was here with her final effort in her Lupus Foundation drive. She would like to thank everybody who pitched in. A perfect Saturday morning saw a big crowd at the Firebelles’ breakfast. Sheila Marcum says they did about $1,300 in sales. The workers included Sheila, Karen, Debbie, Debbie, Deb, Peggy, Carolyn, Ann, Elsa, Jane, and Rosemary. It was a great breakfast and a great crew. It was there we met Steve and Pam Stovall. They have a rental called Creekside Cottage Retreat, which they recently purchased across from the lodge on the old Dale Ashby property.

Then the next thing you know, it was time to get back down to the fire station for the homeowners meeting. There were 47 in attendance and president John Turtchin and his officers, Jane Pizitti and Karen Thornton, moved things right along and the meeting lasted 40 minutes. Several things were discussed and no big decisions were made. The only decision was which topping you wanted on your sundae.

After a brief nap, it was off to the Garage Mahal to Ron and Rhonda’s Labor Day party. With the help of Scott and Reuben, 35 pounds of carne asada and 15 pounds of chicken were barbecued. A quick tally found nearly 100 had come for the feast. And a feast it was, featuring fajitas and a myriad of dishes and a host of desserts. Bud Light John did a great job taking us down memory lane with his song list. We watched as our hostess, Rhonda, made dozens of trips up and down those eight steps to the house making sure everything was perfect. Ronco was caught out on the road stopping passersby and inviting them to stop and join in. Dark clouds threatened, but the rain stayed away. It was a perfect afternoon for a tremendous gathering. Some of the great food was taken to the fire station for the firefighters on duty for the weekend. A big shout-out and thank you goes to Ron and Rhonda for a great afternoon.

Tracey and Walt dropped by to report on the Saturday evening festivities at the Creekside RV Park. They had 47 mostly residents for their barbecue. They were entertained by music videos shown on a large outdoor screen put on by Diane Bunting. They said it was like a drive-in theater and they even had popcorn.

Sunday evening we found a small cocktail gathering at Cheri and Terry’s with Dean and the Minters.

Then last but not least, there was a Monday afternoon lunch at Larry and Debbie’s. The occasion was Elsa’s birthday. Beau was there as the Twins had played earlier that day. Peggy and Bob from next door, Pat and Carolyn from across the road, and Lisa and Don joined the group.

Mr. Wright was an educator. His teaching career began in 1972 at Coronado High School in Scottsdale. At the end of some 36 years, Academy With Community Partners in Mesa is where he taught from 2001-08. The late 1990s found this published educator proffering a new teaching system for America called curriculum integration. At that time another system was being pushed which was called No Child Left Behind.

Nobody around here knew about any of this. In the Creek, he was one-half of Dave and Polly. They have been coming here since the early 1990s to their place by the cul de sac on the back road of the mobile park. Dave was quiet and unassuming, but would invite his neighbors to come to sit on his porch and have a beer. In 2012 he wrote a delightful little book entitled “On the Banks of Holliday Creek.” It is about growing up on a farm in northwest Iowa, attending a one-room school in the late 1940s, and the politics of the day. There is a line or two about when he first laid eyes on Polly Laderabek when he was in third grade. Whether walking the loop or when returning from a long trip, he would stop to fill me in on their adventures. Dave passed away last Wednesday and the Creek sends its thoughts and prayers to Polly. So long, Mr. Wright.

Mighty full weekend ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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