Christopher Creek is experiencing an increase in bear activity. There have been two bear versus vehicle reports and several sightings around. The continued absence of monsoon rains still plague the Creek and Colcord. This has brought about a noticeable increase in other wildlife, as well. They are hanging near the water. The immediate forecast gives us a chance of rain clear into the middle of next week, so we keep our fingers crossed.

The chance of showers will do little to dampen the activities planned for this Labor Day weekend. First on the list, bright and early Saturday, Aug. 31 is the Firebelles’ breakfast down at Station 51 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. The menu includes a choice of pancakes, breakfast burritos, or biscuits and gravy. This is always an opportunity to see and visit with some of your Creek neighbors that you may not see regularly. Remember that raffle ticket you were going to buy for the Prowler side-by-side? Well, now is a good time to get that done with the drawing coming up at the Creek Days Festival in mid-September.

Next up is the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association fall meeting at 1 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 31 at the very same fire station. President John Turtchin is again under pressure to keep the duration of the meeting at less than an hour. When contacted about the agenda he mentioned the possibility of coordinating with the EMT personnel about something having to do with a record of residents’ health issues on file. To inspire attendance, he emphasized the ice cream sundaes will be served immediately following the meeting.

If you are a local, you probably are aware of a 3 p.m. Saturday event down on Columbine. Then, the Creekside RV Park is having a potluck at 5 p.m. With that list, a guy would be hard-pressed to find time for a nap that day.

Saturday evening down at the Landmark, the band will be Junk. That is their name and not a commentary on their music. By the way, happy birthday to Stetson, Josh and Samone’s youngest, who celebrated his first this week.

Last Friday evening, there were several notables at the Landmark. Joining the large crowd were Bob and Penny Wells, two former longtime Creek residents who are back. They are staying in the Creek while seeking to relocate in the Payson area. Welcome home, Bob and Penny. Later in the evening, there was a visit from Deanna’s son, Trey. With him was 3-month-old Augustus James. Now that would be Heber White’s great-grandson. By the way, there was an announcement that evening. Chief Lockhart announced his engagement to Patti Christensen. It is my understanding from the fellas at the station, she will henceforth be known as “Chiefette.”

Another event scheduled this weekend is the annual LDS Labor Day barbecue. The community is invited to attend. There will be a live cowboy band and you are encouraged to bring a dish to share Saturday evening beginning at 5 p.m.

On Sunday, the community is invited to join the folks at the Bible Fellowship Church for their event. They will have a program, food, fun, games, prizes and a drawing. That begins at 10:30 a.m., Sept. 1.

This past week there was the official inauguration of the new deck at Pat and Carolyn Cryderman’s down in the mobile home park. In attendance were the Santan Six, joined by Greg, Chuck, Elsa and myself. Beau had a Twins game and couldn’t make it. The deck passed muster and held the 10 of us with no problem.

One side note — last Friday evening’s gathering at the Landmark there was a medical emergency. A good number of the community witnessed, firsthand, the promptness, efficiency, and the professionalism of our local EMTs from Christopher-Kohls Fire Department. A delay in the ambulance response attributed to numerous other calls at the time, required the team to devote nearly an hour in treating the patient. They had an assist from a retired EMT, formerly with Tempe Fire Department, who helped with keeping up the paperwork involved. Kudos to Rhett Connoly and Steve McKinnon for their efforts. The patient would like for everyone to know he is doing just fine.

Let’s see, Augustus, that’s got to be from “Lonesome Dove.” Good job, Trey ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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