Christopher Creek can be an exciting place and we are not “lion.” Last weekend, an age-old drama unfolded right here in the heart of the Creek for some to see and hear. It began as last week’s column was being read, early on that Friday morning. Mentioned last week was the newborn left in the tall grass while its mother was off to graze. Around 7 a.m., from the treeline along the meadow near the homestead, the anguished bleating and mewing of an elk calf filled the air. A female mountain lion and her two yearling offspring were making a kill.

Perhaps we should backtrack just a bit to the dark hours of the night before the event when video shows elk numbering more than a dozen fleeing westward down Apple Lane. The doorbell cam from Helen’s place showed several groups making their hasty retreat, evidence that the elk had sensed mountain lion in the area. On the Saturday morning following, up on the ridge overlooking the meadow, a camera caught the two adult lions. The photos were taken as the pair crossed the deck of the cabin owned by Kay and Jake Poiner on Top of Hill Drive. Next came the report from Ted Moore on Apple Lane. That is when he witnessed the female and her young coming from beneath the porch of the neighbors’. They appeared to have headed back to feed on the carcass. This scene played out again on Sunday morning when son, Ty, took pictures of the two youngsters.

Sunday afternoon, Judy was on her walk and stopped by to relate her version of events. She, too, lives in the same area on Apple and along with the lion stories she tells of the deep, grunting noise of what she knew to be a bear, heard in the middle of the night.

Knowing that we have mountain lions living in our midst stays in the back of our minds because we seldom see these creatures. The shy and nocturnal nature of the mountain lion makes sightings quite rare. It could be that the kill and the feeding have overpowered their shyness thus making a few folks lucky to witness their daylight comings and goings. What is fairly certain is that we will not see elk in the meadow for a while.

The Firebelles’ bake sale is at 8 a.m. Saturday at the mailboxes, but the set up is about 7:30 a.m., so you had better get there early or all the good stuff will be gone.

FooFoo Sullivan from Tall Pines Market recently came across some old photos and articles. There were some great old shots of the crew who built the fire station and a lot of names of old-timers such as Chuck Ballard, Ed Berg, Ed Tidwell, Bob Eggers, Doc Houck, Dale Ashby, Jack Kalmar and John Matus. There was a ceremony as Fire Chief Dale Ashby cut the ribbon to dedicate the Ashby Fire House on this July 4th weekend of 1983, 36 years ago.

The highlight of this weekend will begin at 11 a.m. Saturday. Lineup will start at 10:15 a.m. down by the Tall Pines Market. Ten years ago this weekend, we had a 4th of July parade on a Saturday. It was the first one in years. Most of my family was here for that weekend and lacking the appropriate conveyance for all of us to be in the parade we opted for a stationary entry. We set up a makeshift bleacher section along the route. Mother was here for that event and it was a beautiful, sunny day. What made that weekend even more memorable were the three-plus inches of rain on the See Canyon watershed during the day on Monday, July 6. We had no power. Just after dark, waters from the creek flowed over the bridge and across the road. Stan and Marlys, down on Apple Lane where the John Deere green gate is, caught trout in their front yard. It was a memorable start to these last 10 years of parade weekends.

Sunday morning we will head to the Valley for Mother’s birthday celebration. My sisters, Linda and Carol will help niece, Amy, in hosting the poolside event. While we speculate about her bathing attire, here’s to a Happy 95th, Mom ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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