Christopher Creek would like to thank the month of October for a memorable and uncustomary visit this year. In the fall color department, once again this year’s spectacular show did not disappoint. Exuberant bugling of the bull elk in rut made for quite the concert, as it seems there was an increase in the population right here in town.

But what made this October remarkable was the weather. Old-timers cannot remember when we have had such wild swings in temperatures, along with lightning, thunder, snowflakes, hail and rain — rain, glorious, rain. We had five-and-one-half inches of much-needed rain. Thanks, again, October.

Last weekend’s kickoff was the popular Friday evening cocktail session at the Landmark — the final of the season. It was a very pleasant evening with the fire pits gaining popularity as the night wore on. World Series baseball filled all the big screens, but much of the conversation revolved around big events for the following day. In the crowd were Marshall and Vanessa Trimble, who interrupted a weeklong stay at their See Canyon cabin to join in with the party.

Saturday morning arrived and the Firebelles had a good crowd at their breakfast down at the fire station. Dez, Sheila, Debbie and all their helpers cooking and selling shirts and sweats as the local faithful came and went. A few more last-chance raffle tickets were sold ahead of the drawing later in the day. Some of the morning was spent over at Bud Light John’s putting the monstrous snowplow on Dean’s Blazer. The fact that the plow is ready ensures a small probability that there will be any huge snows this winter.

Excitement built later that afternoon in anticipation of the kid’s Halloween Hayride and the Harley-Davidson raffle drawing. The apron in front of Station 51 was a sea of kids in costumes, parents, CCHOA helpers and a host of folks with dreams of riding home on that Harley.

Promptly at 3:30 p.m. the winning ticket was drawn and the name was announced. Rick Shaw was the winner!

John Turtchin, Jane Pizutti, Karen Thornton and their crew of volunteers fed the kids hot dogs and chips before lining them all up to board the hay wagons. Off they went to the first stop at the Tall Pines Market. The bunch up at the Creekside RV Park really stepped up this year, hosting a candy stop featuring a huge blow-up cemetery entrance. All manner of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and witches guarded the gates. There was a half-buried skeleton, evidently washed up by all the recent rains. Now there are some folks who know how to throw a party.

Down Columbine they came with fire engines in the lead — horns, and claxons and sirens screaming. Fifty-five costumed children, parents and chaperones on board two packed hay wagons followed behind. One of the candy stops was in front of Spencer’s cabin where the Shorts, the Handys, the Dodsons, and other neighbors were on hand to help Spencer, Gavin and Colton pass out candy. Amidst the falling leaves in the late afternoon sun, just across the Creek, the cavalcade made its noisy way up Apple Lane for a couple more stops before reaching the final destination. You might imagine the whole event as a collage from a modern-day Norman Rockwell. Among all the volunteers were Larry and JJ Hannum, Janeen Donnell, Helen Groom, Ray Larson, Regis, and Jane Pizzuti, Karen Thornton and Deb Minter.

Landmark’s Halloween party was well attended with somewhere around 125 strange people dressed in all manner of costumes. In the crowd were Marcus and Taylor from Payson. As the band played on, a long conga line of prize-winning hopefuls wound through the building and around the patio. And the winners were: Paul and Heather Calahan, aka Sonny and Cher; Walt and Judy Klass, a shocking pair; Jack and Sally, from a “Nightmare Before Christmas”; a trio of neighbor girls as very convincing Three Blind Mice; and grand prize winner, Brianna Klass, as a fabulous Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.” Another great Halloween celebration went into the books with the announcement that the Landmark will open for the Electric Light Parade in December. The Landmark folks will host the fall leaf dumpster in their parking lot Nov. 9-11.

Nov. 17 will be the last Firebelles’ breakfast for the year and if you volunteer to help decorate the Loop, the CCHOA would like to buy your breakfast that morning.

Tuesday at noon, a U.S. Army veteran and Chandler Realtor showed up at Station 51 to pick up his Harley. Rick Shaw was a solo-motorcycle patrolman for the Houston, Texas Police Department from 1978 to 1981. It’s not his first bike by any means. When we asked how he came to buy a raffle ticket he told us he was just riding through town looking for a place to take a ... and that’s another week in the Creek.

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