“Christopher Creek Community College will sponsor a Mexican spotted owl hunt ...” Those words aired on the only Payson radio station back on April 1, 1990. It was a time before political correctness had run amok. The parody public service announcement was a lampoon of the growing environmental industry bent on the closure of vast areas of national forest across the West. At that time they had succeeded in closing hundreds of lumber mills and ending the jobs of 10,000 millworkers, crippling the timber industry. Payson and Heber sawmills were just two of the closures.

Recently, it was announced that again the spotted owl had reared its head. One of the incessant suits against the Forest Service was successful in ceasing issuance of timber permits. It caused a bit of panic here locally as it curtailed fuelwood cutting for home use at a time when folks are out gathering their winter heating needs. That was quickly overturned. Fuel-wood gathering goes on as usual.

As for that radio announcement way back when, the morning host voiced a disclaimer following the spoof. For those who think they know from whence the parody came, the answer is yes. And the mythic Christopher Creek Community College lives on only in the minds of a few.

Nov. 1-3 the 40-yard roll-off dumpster will be located in the Landmark parking lot. Yard debris such as leaves, needles and tree limbs can be deposited until the dumpster is full. This means no bags and no trash. The suggested price is a quarter a bag and the monitor will take the donations. A big thank you goes to the folks at the Landmark for hosting once again. The dumpster is sponsored by the homeowners association.

Dumpsters are a necessary eyesore throughout the land. Not so, however, at the Creekside RV Park. Resident Pam Bortz has turned ugly into a work of art. With the sides of the dumpster as her canvas, her paintings make it a joy to take out the trash. Well done, Pam!

Vaguely reminiscent of the pink flamingo lawn ornaments of the 1970s, the Creek was recently introduced to some new lawn art. It comes in the form of a brightly colored, red, yellow, blue and green rooster. Did we mention this guy is six feet tall? It resides in a small clump of trees in front of the cabin near the east end of Columbine Road. Blake Bottle and Dee Spickler are the proud parents of this big bird. Oh, we should mention this colorful creature is all lit up at night!

The Firebelles plan another breakfast at the fire station Saturday, Oct. 26. These hardworking folks host many events throughout the year with the proceeds benefiting various needs of our local firefighters. The menu is biscuits and gravy or pancakes and sausage, all available from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m.

Speaking of food, we want to mention the wonderful sandwiches and breakfast burros down at the Tall Pines Market. Tracey and Mark have stepped up to fill a dining void here in the Creek during the week. They make their food fresh with different offerings on the menu each day.

Halloween falls on Thursday this year, which means the observance will be on the Saturday prior here in the Creek. The children’s costume party and hayride is Saturday, Oct. 26.

The Creek has had some epic costume parties over the years and this Halloween promises to be another. The hosts at the Landmark typically come up with many fabulous prizes for the winners. Some folks go all out, preparing months in advance. Others invest big bucks in their costumes. Couple costumes are big. There are always one or two with a political bent. Most identities are easily figured out long before the judging. That’s all happening on the evening of Oct. 26. Remember not to stand too close to the fire pits if your costume is flammable!

Three times in a week it was my pleasure to see Olive, who owned the Creekside restaurant for 39 years. The first time was the Empty Bowls event. Then there was the Wildflowers and Bachelor Buttons monthly luncheon last Wednesday at the Buffalo. Joining in were Donny, Charles, John, Kathy, Jeannie, Karen Elerick, Ricki, Rhea, and Margo. The third meeting was at the same table for the celebration of life for Marcia.

It was heartwarming to see a full room at the LDS church last Saturday. More than 100 were there. That in itself is a tribute to a wonderful old friend. Later on the patio along the creek, many of us renewed old acquaintances and shared old stories. Mary Lou Wade, a very close friend of Marcia, was there. Also there was Gip Thompson, now living in Payson, who having read this column some time ago, told his wife, “I know that old s...” and that’s another week in the Creek.

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